PIA flights to Chitral

I would like to draw the kind attention of PM Nawaz Sharif and Defence Minister Gen. Abdul Qadir Baloch towards the mismanagement in PIA services on Chitral route.

 PIA started its service on Chitral route in 1959 from Peshawar. The service reached its Zenith in 2007 when there were 25 sorties a week. It also opened Islamabad-Chitral route during General Musharaf Government. In 2007 air freight for Peshawar was 2610\ and the freight for Islamabad was 3120\only. In 2014, the ticket is sold at 7890 and 6780 respectively. Despite that the numbers of sorties for Chitral have been reduced to only two sorties per week. These sorties are cancelled each week and practically there is no sortie at all.

This is high time that PML(N) Govt. should restore PIA flights for Chitral as half million population is badly suffering due to the closure of Lawari top.

Bashir Hussain Azad
Shahi Bazar Chitral

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