Women Empowerment

By Abid Hussain

You must have heard this many times. But what does women empowerment mean and why it is necessary in a society? There are many factors like political empowerment, social empowerment and economic empowerment. On the basis of these factors women empowerment means to empower women politically, socially and economically.

Political empowerment means women must be given the voting rights. Allow them to participate in election and government decision making institutions. Allow them to make their own decisions regarding their community and families. Social empowerment means women must have rights to achieve their goals. They should not face torture, mistreatment, oppression and exploitation. Social empowerment leads women to economic empowerment that enables women to make their own decisions. Political empowerment enables women to make policies that will benefit their economic standings.

But few women consider singing, dancing in public and working in illegal movies as women empowerment. These are not signs of women empowerment .These are tools to exploit women’s social status. Some companies use these tools to sell their products. Few of them raise this slogan for their business. Now a day’s porn is a profitable industry in Japan and western countries and then some activist raise slogan women can wear what they want, and called it freedom of choice but in same countries they banned Hijab and Burqa so they violated their own rules. In fact they make rules for their business and their dual policies expose them. Even men can’t wear what he want because of some social issues, so why should women wear what they want mean if they want to wear bikini or want to be naked they should be allowed. This is pure stupidity. Men or women both can’t cross beyond social values. Then what is difference between a civilized society and a society of people living in Amazon and African Jungle? How you can call yourself civilized? If you believe on evolution then you should believe on modesty. Evolution from naked jungle people to civilized society. I have not mentioned religion in this topic because I want to convey my message to those people who don’t want to listen religious people or religious texts. So I explained logically what real women empowerment is and what the business people’s women empowerment. I request all sisters please know what real women empowerment is, and know your social status in a society you are a respected part of this society.

The contributor is a student at COMSATS. 

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