Training session on communication skills held in Kashrote, Gilgit

Gilgit: Publishing Extension Network-PEN in collaboration with AKRSP and Tameer Akhlaq Educational & Welfare organization organized a one day workshop on Communication Skills at Kashrote on 16th December. 30 female young teachers of different local schools, young students and social activists participated in the event. Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Khan from PEN was lead facilitator and Ms. Ruqaya Akhlaq from Tameer Akhlaq Welfare organization was co-facilitator. In the closing ceremony Mr. Asif Hussaif ex-chairman PRCS and Mr. Piyar Ali youth development officer also shared their views with participants regarding importance of communication in human development and promotion of education in the region. Overall session was very much interactive and conducted in a participated way, all the participants actively participated and involved themselves in all deliverables including, lectures, presentations, group work, group presentations, role play and question answer session during the training workshop.

Facilitator given briefing, lectures and presentation on different aspects, types and element of communication in details, each and every topic related to communication was efficiently linked with social context, economical condition and cultural aspects of GB, while the discussion and presentations was focused with social communication which can be used in daily routine life and at professional level. Furthermore role of communication in education promotion and communication as tool in teaching methodology was discussed and elaborated through interactive discussions.

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