Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Should I Write?

Jalauddin Shah

I am compelled to say some thing.
Hey, it is not forced but an inside compulsion!
First ever question in my mind is,
why should I write?
Answer is, “you should”,
My inner voice says

Then I argue, who will read?
Answer is “the mad ones”

I start my journey to find the mad ones
Alas..i figured out:
“Jalal, you are the mad one, not others”

You must be trying to figure out whom I am referring!
It is me ..for God sake!!
It is me
Trust me, it is me talking to you!!!!
Are your ready to be with me on this walk?
Where there are thorns, more than roses

Here I go with the creation of a discussion club
Join me for a debate of common good!

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