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Story of a man from Ganish (Hunza) imprisoned in China on charges of drug trafficking

Israr Hussain from Ganish (Hunza), father of three children, is imprisoned in China for the last 10 months. He was arrested on 19th November 2015 by the Chinese authorities on charges of involvement in drug trafficking.

Israr’s mother, wife and three children, along with other members of the family, are going through a very tough time because of his imprisonment.

The family members said that they have not been allowed to meet Israr in the prison. His brother Numberdar Ijlal Hussain said that they don’t know if Israr was alive or not. He said that his efforts to meet Israr in prison have gone in vain.

The family members have appealed to the Pakistani and Chinese authorities to find a way out to bring Israr Hussain back to Pakistan so that his family members are able to meet him. .

Watch a detailed report by Abdul Rehman Bukhari

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