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3 Types of Keywords That Will Help Guests to Find out Your Hotel’s Website Faster

Search engine optimization has emerged as the talk of the town for marketers. This is because by availing the online platform that the internet provides, businesses have to compete on a totally different level.

Gone are the days when businesses would only compete over price or even the range of products that they offered. In this digital age, the battle has got even more intense. And same goes for hotel industry.

With the emergence of the online platform, businesses have to find new ways that are both technical and creative, through which they can attract traffic towards their websites and improve awareness regarding their existence on the search engines.

The question arises as to how it will be able to do all of this? As in aren’t all those millions of businesses over the internet trying to do the same thing?

In order to make visitors fall in love with the website, marketers need to find the right keywords which actually describe their business in the best possible manner so that they can break through the clutter and attract the user. For example, if the business belongs to the hotel industry, whereby everything revolves around the quality of experience provided, then this scenario gets a lot complex.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is not difficult but can be tricky.

If you pick a term or phrase that is too, generic then it will be actually difficult to promote (optimize) your website. For example if you own a hotel in Karachi, you will be competing with many other hotels. So how to make your hotel prominent on search engine? You can further refine your hotel to cater the right and most importantly highly focused potential guests.

Thereby, it is important for marketers to play smartly here. Although this requires some rigorous efforts and time but we promise you that if you end up with the most appropriate words for your hotel business, then you have figured how to optimize on the digital process.

You must be thinking about the ways through which you can choose your keywords? Keep calm and read along to know about three methods through which Jovago Pakistan believes you can find the most appropriate words and phrases that can help your guests to find your hotel’s website quickly.

Long-tail keywords

Long tailed keywords are detailed and descriptive than most phrases, long tail keywords are found to be more efficient than shorter, more competitive terms. This is because they provide a hotel with the opportunity to get a higher rank in search results more quickly because they are not only precise but they also have lower search volume.

The customers of the hotel industry have a clear idea of what they want in a hotel room and therefore, they are much focused in using the right keywords when searching a hotel for example if the guest is searching anything like hotels near Mall road Lahore or Hotels in Johar Town Lahore it means the guest is highly focused where he wants to book the room. Such focused guests are expected to book a room and convert into a successful l sales.

Compare the above mentioned keywords with other search terms like hotels in Lahore or 3 star hotel in Lahore. These search terms show that the guest is still searching for more information and is not focused where he plan to stay?

Let us take another example. If someone searches any term like Avari hotel Lahore room rates or Maisonette hotel Lahore room rates, it shows that the guests are highly focused regarding what kind of hotel they are searching for and they already have made up their mind of staying.

The important thing to note here is that you should focus on quality and not quantity. Attracting a large audience who may only be vaguely interested won’t generate guests for your hotel. In order to ensure that you attract the right traffic i.e. your ideal guests to your hotel’s website, you need to research about the intentions and the right language which is actually used by your prospective guests.

Look into keywords that they use to describe your service and offerings. This will help you to find how they are describing their needs and the words that they would type into the search engine in order to satiate these needs.

Trending Keywords

Targeting currents events and trending topics can help you to quickly get a good ranking on Google for your hotel. By being the first to share information on a hot topic or event, which is called newsjacking, can serve as a quick way for your hotel’s website to get noticed. This is because the algorithm of Google continuously searches for content that is written on the hot topics and for pages that were updated most recently.

Let us take an example. Assume that you have a hotel in Chitral. At the time of Chilam Joshi festival, optimization of you hotel website with the keyword “Chilam Joshi festival” can get you a good number of guests.

The important thing to note here is to not talk about everything that is going around you. Rather, you should focus on areas that relate to your hotel business so that you can tweak and add your own insights to the news making it more unique. You can take the help of Google Trends, Twitter Moments, and Facebook Trends to get to know more about the ongoing trends which will, in turn, help you in being proactive.

Already-Ranking Keywords

In case you have been busy creating new content for your hotel’s website, there is a good news for you and it is that you do not have to start from scratch by exploring new words and phrases. You might already have a good ranking for some of the keywords you are unaware of. This is where you can take the help of Google Analytics and Google search console to find out what these words and phrases exactly are that have resulted in generating organic traffic for your hotel’s website.

You can use these keyphrases and keywords for developing new content containing similar words because your ranking for these keywords will get a boost from it.

Although it takes time to work on SEO but once you actually start putting your efforts, you will realize that the gains from focusing on the keywords make it worth it. This is because it will result in more direct bookings for your hotel’s website due to increase in website traffic.

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