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BNSO demonstration at Karachi press club

by Muiz Gojali

Karachi, July 25: Balawaristan National Students Organization BNSO staged a  demonstration at Karachi press club last day against “the harassment  of activists of Baltistan Student Federation, in Skardu”.

IMG1074AA large number of political activists participated in the demonstration, waving banners and placards, raising slogans against the authorities.  Alam Noor Haider, deputy organizer of BSF, demanded that the media shall expose high handedness of officials involved in sabotage of the BSF convention in Skardu.

He also said that the government is afraid of the popularity of nationalist movements in the region and using brutal tactics to crush sentiments of the ordinary people. Aslam Inquillabi also addressed the demonstration, among other speakers.

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