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Misleading map of Hunza on AC’s website

by Noor

Going through the KADO managed website of Assistant Commissioner, Hunza, I found a map (click on the bold text to open the map) in the “About Hunza” section. This particular map shows regions of Central Hunza only, starting from Murtazabad and ending at Ahmedabad, without saying anything about the regions of Shinaki and Gojal. The fact is that Shinaki and Gojal officially  constitute more than seventy percent of Hunza’ total land area.  However, villages of Gojal and Shinaki have been mentioned in the ‘Demography’ section, logically.

Can the officials of AC Hunza office or the KADO officials, kindly, explain the presence of this misleading map on this official website?

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  1. Dear Noor and PT,

    Could you please provide the reference of the website.

    Hidayat Karim

  2. Dear Noor

    thanks for inform me about the map . plz provide me the whole hunza map coz i did not find any hunza map .
    2nd this website is not final its need change text and pictures . plz plz if u see any errors in this website plz send email

    Karim Fayazi
    KADO Hunza

  3. Dear All
    Open your eyes and minds, well words come from minds. Action are the picture.
    Should it be said that thankz, or not

  4. I think nothing is wrong with the map because the title of the map clearly states “Central Hunza”, its the Assistant Commissioner and KADO who should change the Title on their site from “About Hunza” to “About Central Hunza”. I am sure Zulfiqar can explain this misleading title(i would say not misleading map) very well to the readers……..

    Nauroze Shah

  5. Even if the map is of Central Hunza, it is highly mistaken because the Central Hunza Starts from Ataabad (a village of Altit) to Murtazaabad. In the mape three northern villages of central Hunza, Salmanabad, Sarat and Attaabad are missing.

    Hidayat Karim

  6. Dear Noor and Friends
    It is not any serious matter, because is from KADO, that only works with in the jurisdiction of Hunza only which means al the areas that fall under the Thesil of Aliabad. So it nothing so serious, don’t try to fit in any place where you don’t have space.
    History say that it was called as(Hyderabad, Altit, Baltit, and all near by village came under the name of Hunza only, rest toward Gilgit is was called Shnaki and from Sishkat it to Khunjarb top it was name as Harbar .
    So basically there is noting wrong, only the name. Not Central Hunza but only Hunza.

  7. Email recieved from KADO.

    Dear Chief Editor,

    Thanks for pointing out regarding the map on AC Hunza website. I assume that you have forwarded your concern to anyone at KADO through email before posting it on the blog. There is no specific justification or reason behind the presence of the map of Central Hunza on AC Hunza website. As we were unable to get a map which covers all three sub-regions within Hunza, as soon as we get a good map, we will replace it. In this regard you can also help us. We are now working with the newly appointed AC Hunza to update and improve the content as soon as possible.

    I am myself working on the content and i assure you all that it was not intended to ignore the Shinaki and Gojal region.


    Zulfiqar Ali Khan
    Social Sector Development Manager
    Karakoram Area Development Organisation (KADO)

  8. Dear PT

    Am a frequent visitor and silent observer of PT blog. I was prepared to see comments against KADO and authorities for what the PT has called the misleading map of Hunza as I have always noticed the trend of comments. But to my surprise I found very logical comments… except few…

    I personally believe such mistakes( if you call them so) should be highlighted on such blogs only once you inform the concerned people and you do not get positive response, get justifications for or get corrected SUCH MISTAKES.

    As I think PT is a mature plateform or at least on the way to maturity, it be careful with its contents and information.

  9. Being a regular reader of PT i have noticed that we have embroiled ourselves so much in the details of our regional identities and details that we ignore bigger picture. Take the issue of not including Shinaki and Gojal. Mr Noor has rightly pointed out the mistake in the map and it should be rectified. But underlying message of comment regarding this issue gives an impression that it is a grand conspiracy of people of Central Hunza against rest of the regions of Hunza. the question is who to blame? i think it Gojalis and Shinakis are to blame because chairman of KADO and IT incharge of KADO website are from shinaki, and the person overseeing content is Gojali. Gojalies are introverted, whereas Shinakies are bunch of stubborns who are bereft of thinking intellectually. So lets spare people from central hunza and condemn people who are responsible for these blunders.

  10. Mr. Khmeto
    It not the question, which you have mentioed, but facts and reality. And as you mentioned your self a clear bitterness in your words regarding Shanaki and Gojalies is clear that how much you want to be one. Dear check words before keeping a negative check on it.

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