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PPP nominates Syed Mehdi Shah for the slot of CM Gilgit-Baltistan


GILGIT (ONLINE) : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has nominated Syed MehdiShah as the first Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Private TV Channel reported that PPP has nominated Syed Mehdi Shah for the slot of Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan. He will be the first leader of house of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly. It is further said that PPP has also nominated members of the Gilgit-Baltistan Cabinet.

Syed Mehdi Shah has been affiliated with PPP for long time and he is the central leader of PPP. Syed Mehdi Shah won election from LA-1 Skardu by securing 5595 votes.

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  1. Hooooo????? where is Mr Wazar Baba all from hunza PPP are blind there are looking only themselves not out side…wazer is only for Aliabad not for Hunza Gojal he is good for Hunza Aliabad Only not Even in Gilgit

    1. Dear Hunza

      He got majority from all over hunza not aliabad….. He is fit for all dear dont you worry… He could be Governor, Speaker or minister…. i am sure he is able to get any slot…..

      PPP Hunza is not blind dear….. they have their right to demand for their leader and help him in getting any slot…. In past institutions have paid role in getting such insuffient and incompetent people in getting highiest slots but these institutions never supported the representatives of common people or leaders from PPP in such moves and that is some thing we have to discuss…. Even in the recent election at Central Hunza level some of the people from institutions tried their best to push back the leadership of PPP because of their clear stand against some immature steps taken by some unlike people and supported by some people from institutions


      1. dear karim
        how he got support from hunza ,even the people of aliabad reject him,anyway he buy the votes of gojal from innocent people .people of central hunza reject him.Now we should wait for next 15 years as we elect mr wazir who has not ability to lead us ,sorry for inconvenience he couldnt become a minister as he is not eligible .unfortunately we miss the chance

  2. before election ppp hunza gojal were making propoganda that. ppp govt his offering the position of CM to wazir. but the result is zero

  3. @ Holanas

    how its possible to offer before election? i think PPP have planned before of Rigging and they were 100% sure that they vll fool People of hunza gojal by distributing outdated BISP forms..nice game dear..and v got the result and waiting for much more…………

    Best of luck Wazir Bhai….Wazir sirf Naam k Hadh Tak…

  4. Dear All

    IT is democracy and people have said it….. Majority of the people have voted for Mr. Wazir Baig and he is the true leader indeed…. Why do you think that wining from Aliabad and Karimabad decides who is the leader of Hunza… It is not so…. Hunza is composiition of many villages and a leader in a democratic system need to get the vote of the majority of the people….Secondly the people of Gojal are not that much fool… they are most politically mature people in Hunza and have always casted their vote on political basis. They were the one who stood against Mir of Hunza at that time and today the mean it…. They never let any one to use them as tool for their personal gains as Ghazanfer did in the past with the innoccent people of Central Hunza…. Though i do not belong to Gojal but i think they the one in Hunza who always go for merit… they rejected candidates from Gojal and preferred to vote for Wazir from Central Hunza….

  5. Dear Noor and Zulfiqar,

    I think you should not allow the use of pseudonym in the discussions on pamir times. its just puts off people who use their real names. It is of no use to respond to a comment that comes from an anonymous source. It might be that only one person is responding with different names on the same topic. Also people who use pseudonym usually come up with rubbish comments. Example hunza kk, ain and holanas it seems are the same person. What is there to fear that makes people hide their identity?

  6. Before elections majority of the people were favouring MQM and they were against Wazir Baig and now he has won the election and every body is favouring him. Good thats the true spirit. Now every one is making this issue that whether he has won fron Gojal or Hunza?? i would say that he has won from every part of Hunza fom Mayoon to Kilik. now Mehdi Shah has been appointed as CM of GB and thats again a nice step towards democracy and i congratulate Mr. Shah for his appointment as CM of GB.

  7. Come on guys, be positive and show to the world that you are part of a society that claims has a very high literacy rate in the region.

    Let’s respect the aspirations of the more than 6000 voters, who r voted in favor of Mr. Wazir Baig. Let’s be democratic enough to accept the mandate of the majority of the people of Hunza which include Shinaki, Central Hunza, that we call Kunjudh and Gojal and the diverse population of the villages of Khizarabad upto Zuwodhkhoon.

    If we truly follow the democratic norms, these guys can come to the people again for your votes and you can better decide their destiny if they do not perform well.

    We should extend our whole hearted support to serve the people of Hunza in the changing political scenario of the region.

    I wish Mr. Wazir Beg and all those who have won this election the best of luck.


  8. Mr. Hunza, Mr. Wazir can’t be seen, especially the way he’s bagged the votes, he’s covered up in Benazir Income Support Program’s photocopied forms and Rs 3000.00 which were distributed.

    @ Mr. Karim, wake up dude; wake up, you still live in fool’s paradise. You are once again deceived by Mr. Deceiver, Mr. 10% (Mr. President Zaradari). Your Governor is Chaudery Manzoor, the PPP’s election campaigner. I’d be grateful if Mr. Wazir gets any adviserships. And for your kind information, he’s elected only from Central Hunza, excluding Hyderabad. And the votes that he’s got from Gojals is because of PPP leadership’s false promises of giving technocrat and women’s special seats. So, we hope, we will be again grateful to PPP if they fulfill at least this promise, which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be happened.

    Pakistan is not a democratic state dude; it’s experiencing the worst dictatorship in hands of a dacoit, Mr. 10%, who has taken the whole country into his hands, and the dead people of Pakistan are doing nothing.

    @ Holanas, as I said above, they’re liers, deceivers, as ex-president, Mr. Musharaf has very well said he’s a “criminal”, a “fraud” and a “third rater”. Follow the link for detailed interview,

    And the biggest surprise or lie, the entire PPP ministers’ say Transparency International’s report is not true, in 2008-2009, Pakistan has progressed in corruption and stepped from 47 to 42. I’m sure guys, you must know how world respects Transparency International’s reports and research. The black law of our History, which PPP failed to get passed in Parliament, includes our dear President and his pet Mr. Rehman Malik, the foreign minister of Pakistan. People, they are not sincere with Pakistan, which feeds them, how can you expect them to be sincere with you. Don’t make a fool of yourselves.

    @ Sajjad Sahib, why you want to know the names, you should be concerned about what the viewers and contributors think of. And don’t try to become a dictator like Zardari who are desperate to ban the free media, because, it speaks the truth and opens his unfortunate deeds. Dude, your suggestion is not appreciated. If you think, this will help to stop the viewers from expressing their views; this will not help you to become a jiala. We all are heartbroken, we all are depressed, we are jialas too.

  9. Dear Ali

    You seems to have half knowledge and discuss on the grounds some politicians and ancher person do you TV shows…. We are discussing here the politics of Hunza and you have stepped to National and International politics…. Please get some commond and knowledge on politics first and than discuss things… Please you who are to decide the curraption cases which the Pakistani courts are unable in last three to four decades…. You have discussed about the report of transparancy international and do you where Pakistan was ranking in 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2002… and if you know those please discuss…..

    Secondly no body has false promises for getting votes … it is people who decide whom to vote and whom to not…. I am sure you have not voted for any and are not aware of the ground realities…

    My sincere advise to you is to gain some understanding, knowledge and experience of electoral or practical politics and discuuss things….

    Sajjad has very rightly said that people should disclose them sevles otherwise all seem to be like a “buzdil……….”

  10. Dear All:
    I congratulate Mr. Wazir Baig for winning the elections. It is the majority of Hunzukuts who voted for him and therefore, as civilized nation we should respect people’s mandate. We all need to support Mr. Baig for achieving his goals which, he set for himself during the election campaign. Instead of judging his abilities now one should wait and support till next election, where he will be again judged for his achievements as we did in the past with all our leadership.
    I also pray that he gets a justified position in the present setup, after all he will be representing Hunza and we should be happy for that as he is a son of soil.
    Dear all, please support him whether you have voted for him or not as this act of you will groom the leadership and others will get encouraged.

  11. Dear All,

    This discussion clearly shows what the machority we HUNZUKX have. We are claiming the education ratio is 99%. This is clear that only education or taking high degrees did’nt matter. It is a common voice and values which make a Nation and its people distinct in the World.—————-Remaining will be to all of u_________

    My special congratulations to all the PEOPLE of Baltistan first for their meriteocratic decision.

    Secondly my very warmest and heariest Congratulations to Mr. Mehdi for his long life struggle for the international norms of reign-i.e. DEMOCRACY. He made the History for GB and with in the history of GB- The first Chief Minister is from Baltistan.

    I never seen YOU. Do hope u will paste a good sign of democratic on the political chapter of GB. Once again congrats to all the people of GB- of their first Chief Minister.

  12. Congratulations 2 Wazir Baig for his success. Hope he will work hard to develop Hunza economically, politically and socially.

  13. Dear fellow bloggers,

    I agree with Mr. Ali and respect his thoughts because I think in democracy and in the age of free media, everyone is free to express his/her views and thanks to this media that has made it possible that one expresses loudly and is heart worldwide.

    In my opinion, the people of Hunza in particular and the Gilgit Baltistan in general are indebted to the leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party for what they did in the past to liberate the people of Hunza from the autocratic rule of Mirs, (a dark night for people like me).

    The change in the lives of majority of people from Hunza (Shinaki and Gojal), who are competing today with the rest of citizens of Pakistan by getting educated and having jobs in national and international organizations, was possible only after the abolition of the state of Hunza.

    How many of us were among those who would have given permission by the Mirs and Wazirs to access educational institutions.

    I am sure people of my age are in a better position to realize what changed our lives. I would like to salute those who sacrificed their time, money and efforts for us.

    I am sure no political party has ever done anything for us in the past while for the rest of my life I shall remain thankful to the PPP. It is my personal opinion and I know people may have their own.


  14. Dear Mr. Sher
    I agree what you say in connection to freedom of expression whether in the capacity of an individual or as a whole. We must cherish the stunning inventions which made this possible.
    I also don’t deny when you blame Mir’s in keeping away the nation from education.
    Before entering into any debate, I suggest you to please read the history of DJ Schools and trend setting step of a family member of Tharakutz”wazirs”, who despite all the strong opposition of the Mir of the time succeeded to take his younger brother to Kashmir for higher education. I must say, this was the courageous step which ultimately encouraged people of Hunza to disobey the self made rules of the Mir’s in the educational matters.
    Another example is the Shah Karim hostel Gilgit, which needs no justifications of the thrust and love for the education by the members of Tharakutz”Wazirs”

    God bless you

  15. Dear All
    A lot of angry comments. If some body has won the G_B election through the state patronage and help of the party in power in Pakistan, it needs to be condemned. I was away from the scene of election as such, I don’t know who has won fraudulently, albeit; several complaints have come to my notice through the media. The package itself is a small step towards our ultimate goal but it cannot be considered enough.I am afraid, it will not benefit the vast multitude of our people except a few who will be associated with the running of the area. This will not be like a real autonomous province constituted under the auspices of the constitution. Under such arrangement, the local dispensation would be dancing to the tunes playd by the power that be at Islamabad.
    The complaints of irregularities in the election also support the idea that the purpose was to create puppet dispensation for remote control. In this backdrop, our representatives should make efforts to enhance the economic and educational development of the area. This will in th long run enable our people to achieve their cherished goal.

  16. Dear Readers of PT,
    First of all I would like to congratulate the PPP representatives for finally been the winners in the region. I would also appreciate the efforts of the counter parts as have peacefully carried out the campaign by putting their utmost efforts.
    In processes of the kind, we can not expect everything to be very much fair and transparent keeping in view the past history of this country at large. We must put our efforts to come up with some justified results but can not expect an overnight change as a result of a completely transparent and fair democratic process.
    This is very much true that human beings never get complete contentment in any state or any condition provided or created.
    Lets accept the changes that have come up and yes every opinion has a worth and opinions matter and not individuals.
    We expect from the representatives of PPP more than ever and they themselves should realize their obligations being the elected representatives of the area.
    We do not want the past repetitions rather opt for something extraordinary and fully supporting the mandates that have already been exposed and pledged for the people of the region.
    I hope that the newly elected representatives will look towards the rectification of the common problems of the people that have remained persistent for decades because of the past mismanagements, putting aside personal interests and rivalries.

    Aslam Ghalib


  17. Congratulations to Mr.Mehdi Shah for the historic opportunity as CM, the first, in the newly uP-gRaded GBLA. What ever the situation it seems that Islam Abad is concerned with the human issues faced by the people of Glt-Blt. Now we our selves,also, must start re-building our own house.

  18. Congregulation to Mr.Mehdi Shah as 1st CM of GB. and hope he will try to solve problem of Gilgit-Baltistan.


    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq



    Reacting very strongly to the statement of Pakistani prime minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, in which he had said that Gilgit – Baltistan is part of Kashmir, the students of Gilgit – Baltistan staged a demonstration in front of National Press Club, Islamabad.

    They demanded apology from the prime minister for making ’such baseless statements, contradicting his own past speeches and statements’. They also chanted slogans agains the government for ”playing with emotions of the people of Gilgit – Baltistan”.

    “This statement from Gilani right after the GBLA elections proves hollowness of the promises of the Pakistani ruling elite”, a demonstrator told Pamir Times. “They are just playing double games with us”, remarked another.

    The students said that people of Gilgit – Baltistan had fought a war of liberation and won it against a superior force of the Maharaja of Kashmir, also supported by Indian government. “The Kashmiris were invaders in our lands”, said a demonstrator. He further said, “we fought with them and made them flee the region but now the Pakistani political, civilian and military establishment is trying to murder our history of liberation”.

    Participants of the agitation were carrying placards and raising slogans against PPP and the prime minister.

  20. I Taj behalf of Ghizer female would like say mubarak to you for your success in the current elections.we may hope that you will
    proect our rights as first PM of G.B

  21. I don’t deny the personal contributions made by late Qudrat Ullah Baig, Master Sanaullah Baig and Late Subedar Safiullah Baig during those initial days despite the opposition of Mirs of Hunza.

    I would also like to strongly condemn the Wazirs for helping the Mirs in their cruel game of discrimination of the citizen of the state on the basis of ethnicity, denying them their most basic human rights, countless injustices and atrocities committed by the aids of Mirs particularly in Unper Hunza (Gojal) who were the major source of his revenue (taxes)

    I have never heard any of them had risen voice against the rulers, in fact were the second largest beneficiary after the Mirs.

    I hope Irfan Kakoo will also agree with me on this.


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