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Kharmang: People march towards Kargil, demand opening of road and punishment for terrorists

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Thousands of people have started marching towards Kargil, while protesting against the murder of sixteen people in Kohistan, according to a report in a regional daily (Baadeshimal). The newspaper report states that the protesters are demanding opening of the Skardu-Kargil road for trade.

The protesters, reportedly, have expressed dissatisfaction over the security situation on the Karakuram Highway where sixteen people belonging to the Shia sect were target killed the other day.

It is pertinent to note that the Karakuram Highway is currently the only established route between Gilgit – Baltistan and other parts of the country.

Almost four thousand protesters are staying for a night at a place called Tarkati, according to the report.

The protesters have, reportedly, threatened to continue their march till an official decision is taken regarding opening of the Skardu-Kargil road.

A sense of insecurity has gripped the Gilgit – Baltistan due to repeated incidents of road blockade due to natural and other causes. The sense of insecurity, apparently, has increased manifolds due to the recent murder of innocent passengers.

The government, on its part, has assured the people of GB that steps are being taken to secure the vital road link. Interior Minister had the other day announced that a special patrolling force is being launched to protect the passengers. Chief Minister Mehdi Shah has also, reportedly, said that deployment of forces along the KKH is being considered.

5 thoughts on “Kharmang: People march towards Kargil, demand opening of road and punishment for terrorists

  1. Apart from this unfortunate incident, SKARDU-KARGIL and KHAPLU-LADAKH route link is a necessary initiates in the interest of the inhabitants. people wants to meet their loved one and their forefather’s homeland across the border. 0n the other hand, their is better business prospects which ultimately bring some dire changes in lives of poverty stridden hapless people. Now time to come, to raise the voice in support of opening of route link from north-eastern border of Gilgit-Baltistan comparatively safer and nearer in term of better service road link.

  2. It is interesting information if there are multiple access possibility to GB, government should open it in order to have smooth mobility. Heavily dependence on KKH risks the lives of the population not only terrorism but also harsh climatic condition and road blockage.

  3. kargil road can’t be opened because no resolution of kashmir. No resolution on siachen. It is futile to open road link with ladakh.

    Indian government want kargil & jammu border post opened with pakistan.

    We can’t open these border posts because kashmiris want resolution first before resumption of peace.

    Government should repair kkh as soon AS POSSIBLE. Have security on kkh so passengers live are not at risk.

  4. Resolutions were brought at forum of UNSC on Kashmir time and again, since the position of Pakistan on this particular issue is not in compliance of accepted principles, the very reason FOP and and our closest friends are reluctant to stand with and remain abstained.
    Food for thought! why should we pay for someone else concerns, can we be denied from our rights for A wrong reasons.

  5. I think we Baltistanis should raise our voice for the opening of all routes across the border in order to have a safer alternative supply line whenever there is an unrest on KKH. It is also be a dream comes true for those across the border who have been waiting and never met thier loved ones since the declaration of so-called LOC.

    I really do not understand both Indo-Pak terminologies on Kashmir cause. What all I understand is that it is ending up with nothing but leaving the divided families of both sides divided forever. I do not know how one can accept and support such inhuman acts in to-day’s world.

    Check and see the following URL.

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