[Pictory – II] Floods in Gilgit city

Images: Sher Shah & Asghar Khan

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  1. What to do to survive in the water if you cannot swim?
    Every year many people, adults and children, lose their life by drowning. The news report says that they couldn’t swim.

    But you can survive in the water even if you can’t swim! Here’s how:
    Turn on your back and relax your entire body, including your neck and pretend you’re dead. Let your head into the water, it will naturally submerge, water will fill your ears but your face will remain above water, so you will be able to breathe and call for help without getting water into your lungs, which is what drowning is. Look at the sky above you, this is what to do to survive when the water is stronger than you.
    Practice this easy move in a controlled situation, so that in an emergency you will not be afraid to “play dead” with water filling your ears, knowing that your face will not sink and you’ll be able to breathe.
    And tell everyone around you!

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