Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

The day to realize the Reality

Masood Ali Khan

Early in the morning we practice to look at things happening around us. We have multiple sources to know the up to date information which always remain besides our cushion in a very easy access so that one can partially wake up, move his/her hand around and grab the device, open it, scroll down, see what is happening, like or comment for others than move to the other platforms for further information and details. This is common among all of us and especially the youth. It is now habitually practiced on daily basis however, the use of it can be the other way too. May be one can wake up in the morning, thank God for the blessings and grab the device, drop a text to parents, sending them best wishes and prayers for their good health, happiness and long lives. In response receive bundle of prayers with good wishes, happiness and satisfaction to start the day with positive approach.

Unfortunately, this is not happening in today’s world, many of us may care and celebrate mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters and the days of other relationships on daily basis ensuring care for others, spread love instead of hatred, follow the guidance of our parents and elders and have our own world full of happiness, sincerity, commitment and positive approach to live a life benefiting others, respecting our relations and so on. Our sincerity and commitments not only with others rather with ourselves are questioned based on our approach in todays world. With sincerity in response to this piece of paper lets analyze ourselves and assess our daily routine, one can than realize the difference among us and our parents. They were committed to their work, they always respected others, they mean what they say and their activities never contradict with what they express. But it is not the same now!

Close connections with the technological devices are good but the factors we are missing the whole year are care, love, respect, following guidance of our parents and many more. We come up with changing our cover pages, displaying our parents on our profiles showing them our love and care with kind words, poetries and good wishes which is one way to show our love and care for them but I wish we could practice it the whole year so that we could never be frustrated in life for our doings, the encouraging words of mom and the strong guidance of dad would never let us fall in deep sorrow.

We are usually in trouble and observe abnormal actions like suicide, breaking of relations, thinking negative for others, lack of ownership and respect to celebrate achievements of others. This observation influences me to think that yes what we say always contradicts with what we do. It is a normal phenomenon that changing of mind and observing inconsistency in any individual is an abnormality, which is originated from ones’ internal approach towards norms and values. It is my personal opinion that one can be protected from such anomalies following the guidance of our parents, their way of life and approach towards other. Most of us are still unaware of their hardships but even than they still love their kids despite of anything committed wrong expecting that one day our children shall realize. That sometimes leads to the stage where we miss them in their absence. So, let’s come together, and promise with ourselves to respect them, follow their guidance, celebrate every day as Mother’s Day, stay strong and committed to our relations and create an environment full of love, sincerity and care for others. Let’s promise that what we say must not contradict with what we do, not only in case of commitments with our blood relations but also with others in the society.

May almighty shower his countless blessings upon all of us.

The writer is student of M.Phil in International Development Studies

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