Islamic Feminism, and Feminism now

By Naveed Saleem

I have been attending seminars and lectures essentially meant for highlighting women rights. I am the eye-witness, along with my hearing sense, to various discussions of which the soul topic at the epicenter was women’s liberty. I have been a part of various debates focusing on domestic violence and its root causes. And, many times articles regarding sexual dominance have gone verse by verse through my eyes, painting a clear picture of what feminists think they are, and what anti-feminists think about this theme of mobilizing the concept of feminism on behalf of women rights, in my mind.

Wrapping up what people infer from this whole debate, when I took the pen to reach a conclusion, I could predict a gratuitous but frowsy mental approaches of the people.

The core reasons for the emergence of feminist movements appears to be domestic violence, underestimating woman in a society, counting them in an inferior category, pulverizing women, beating them up, and abusing and torturing them mentally and physically, while discriminating against them in all spheres of life.

If, in essence, feminism truly means to stand against all this, then it is rather a movement for preserving human rights and humanity. But there are certain ill concepts and flaws in modern feminism ideology which you can observe in the following discussion.

Since my childhood, I have heard many times that ‘Islam is the complete code of life’. In light of this pithy apothegm, we cannot even suppose being Muslims think that Islam, its teachings and its social reformation and redemption spheres, will fall short with regards to women’s rights.

It’s the sanctity and blessing of ALLAH Almighty that He has provided us ways in the light of Islam, being in whose carapace and confines we all can satiate our desires and can enjoy our basic rights. Recalling and comparing what was the situation of women and how they had been treated before and after the advent of Islam, one can easily understand that Islam rather is a feminist religion.

Islamic feminism and the feminism movements now-a-days have many contrasting concepts and demands. Islamic doctrines regarding human liberty meet at the edge with certain constraints and restrictions and both genders bear this canopy of restrictions. In case, if either man or women repudiates these constraints, his or her act of humiliating Islamic rules and regulations will be considered a sin. It is to make sure and not to forget, that still there is colossal zone within Islamic confines where both genders can enjoy their liberty.

The true essence of present feminism movements goes somewhere against Islamic feminism. Here is what I found the basic theme behind present feminism movements, and this is only that part of feminism concept that goes wrong socially and morally now-a-days.

At the peak, by feminism they mean equality with man. By feminism they mean freedom of expression and if it is accepted they bring this liberty of expression when there grow a dire desire in them to harm moral and religious values. By feminism they mean that they want do anything that a man does, even if it is a sin. By feminism they mean wearing congested attire and covet to screen their bodies with western look. By feminism and equality they mean plagiarizing what a man does.

Although I am not against feminism. I believe in women empowerment. I believe that woman is a basic unit of society and its role in social spheres cannot be ignored. I concur with the notion of having respectful and venerated corners in hearts for the honor of women. I believe that both man and woman are essential entities of a society and both of them keep equal importance in bringing social balance. But what I am trying to convey is that, any movement that bodes negative aftermaths in social and moral concerns should not be appreciated.

Through my eye of observation, I have found the reason behind why people feel defiance against feminist. Let’s suppose that, you are addicted to something that is not good for your health. And if any of your friend approaches you and warns you about your wrong-doing, and if you agree with him by saying that it’s your compulsion or anything else, then the debate ends here. But if you start defending your misconduct or misdoing then a deliberated debate takes a birth here. Same is the issue with present feminism. if they keep their concept of liberty to their personal level then there is no issue to worry about, it’s now because their personal matter. but instead, if they start proclaiming in public blending their words and verbosity with some useless and immoral altercations and try to prove their wrong-doing morally and socially acceptable then here the society feels resistance against them. The whole contradiction and clash is just because of this try, the try to prove something wrong in somewhat bona-fide and gentle tone and fashion.

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