Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Inept Management: More than 130 graduates could not attend KIU convocation

By Mirry

Convocation is an important milestone in the educational journey of the student. It is an occasion when new batch of qualified professionals is placed in the hands of the society for its development, enrichment, and well-being. It is a matter of pride that in our country, universities have been producing over half a million graduates, including 10,000 IT graduates, every year since 2010, according to HEC data.

Convocation is the most awaited day for every student as well as for their parents and on this day, they feel privileged that they are getting something valuable which is result of their day and night hardship and their parent’s devotion. But unfortunately, due to irresponsibility of the Karakoram International University management, more than 130 graduates were unable to attend their convocation held today.

According to these students, their names were absent from the final convocation entry list.

They said that they had provided all required data to the adminstration, in addition to 2500 rupees convocation fee – 2000 Gown fee, 500 for registration. They also said that they have traveled many times to the KIU offices to verify their names. They even complained to the VC, but nothing transpired. Some students also said that instead of their names, the names of their parents have been written on invitation cards.

Where will these students go now? Why are the administrators playing with the student’s sentiments? Why they didn’t advise these students in time to enable them to provide all details, if details were missing? They were quick to distribute gowns among the students, instead of confirming their details, and registration forms.

The students missed their big today, but, there’s still a lot of time to take action against the administration officials who deprived the students of such a big day in their lives. They should be punished for negligence and inefficiency.

* Mirry is the contributor’s pen name. Original name withheld on request. 

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