Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

The wrong turn in the journey of education

Tashmin Hunzai

Most of us might have noticed that our mothers are rewarded with more love compared to our fathers, though both deserve equal love and care. Father is that angel sent by God who fulfills our needs and wishes without making us sad. Mothers work hard for nurturing their children better. Let’s think for a while on how much fathers work hard to make their children happy!  Have you ever thought how much he has to go through the pain to earn a single penny?

Short story

Once in a small village there lived a couple. The lady was supposed to work in fields of her neighbors and her husband was supposed to unload trucks, work as a cobbler (mochi), and in his part time he was supposed to clean offices. They got twin babies, a boy and a girl, after many years of marriage. They worked a lot to provide the children the best they can provide.  They sent the children to the best school. Time went on. They grew up…

Time came to send them to city for their further studies. Their parents wanted them to achieve their goals and make their life better; they did not want them to live as their parents had lived. They did not want them to live in a cave and spend their days with hunger. They sent them to city giving them all amount they saved for their studies….That was a new environment; they were going to have new experience with the alien people. They got admission in a university.

However they had to adjust to a new environment. In the start they had dreams that they will fulfill all the dreams of their parents and achieve all their goals for what they have dreamed for…. (Duniya ki ranga rangi k pecey banda apni pehchan kho betht’ta ha)…  Both of them were going accordingly, they made friends over there. Their new friends were a bit ‘fancy’ and ‘mummy daddy’, or you can say burger, types. Both of them started to live like their ‘mummy daddy’ type friends, forgetting their parents; forgetting how their father and mother worked hard and went through the pain under the hot sun. Time went on, and they forgot where they had come from, what was their aim, and what their parents dreamed of. They didn’t even cared about their studies…. Both of them started to go to night clubs and parties. The boy started to take drugs and he started wrong activities. The girl started to go out with her friends (male and female); she started to spend time with her friends and she also went for parties crossing her limits.

The situation went on for some time, and then due to poor performance their admission got cancelled. The dreams they had held, and their parents had, slipped into oblivion. There was disappointment all around. Some times bad habits, carelessness, and taking the wrong turns can lead us to sheer disappointment.

Message for youth

Dear youth, you may disagree with the piece of writing but it is mostly observed that most of youth get into drugs and fancy world. I am not saying making friends is bad. Making friends is a very good thing. It helps us to cope with the new environment. I just want to convey that don’t cross limits;don’t forget how our parents work hard to make us happy, how they tolerate the burning sun, hunger, thirst and pain. Make friends from who you can learn new things. Just be real and feel the pain of your parents. One day you will be some one’s father or mother. Just think what will happen in the future if you disrespect the hard work of your parents. Kindly don’t go after the fancy world too much, you deserve fancy world but not at that time when your parents are crying with hunger, pain and hunger … don’t get that much into trouble dam that you won’t be able to come out.

Message for parents

Dear parents, you are awesome. You are wonderful. We just need guidance. This time don’t let us go far away from your care, love and guidance.

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