Countering road accidents

By Furqan Ali

Taking a large puff of cigarette or driving a bike at 100km plus per hour is a source of enthusiasm for youth, mainly teenagers. We all are conscious about this but have you ever reckoned why this is so? What are the reasons that captivate them to do? And what are the worse outcomes we are facing?

Road accidents, mainly bike accidents, are a major issue we are facing nowadays. Steadily increasing accident rates are a cause of worry for everyone, including me.

So, why are deaths due to bike accidents increasing?

The most common answer we get is that it is the will of God. This answer is absurd, because God blessed us with life, and rational thinking, enabling us to differentiate between what is good for us, and what is bad for us. Instead of blaming the ‘will of God’, we need to be introspective.

The most important cause behind the increasing death rates is carelessness, disregard for life, and not following the standard traffic laws.

The youth need to be considerate towards their parents, who provide them bikes to facilitate them. Instead, the youth, misusing the facility, turn the bikes into instruments of death. Probably, the parents need to review their supportive role, and push harder on the youth to obey the rules.

The government authorities need to implement the laws strictly, without any laxity. Those not following the speed limits, and the safety measures, should be arrested and fined to ensure that there’s respect for law.

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