How the Corrupt Pakistani Politicians may be punished?

By Karim Khan SAKA

Corruption has enfeebled the roots of every institution in Pakistan. It is omnipresent at every level of the society from top to bottom and it is followed like more than a religion. We must not say that it is a “bad luck” in our country because luck has to do something with the paranormal force but corruption is a practical result of obnoxious practices and maltreatment of power.  It is worth saying that today corruption has wrapped up the society more like a deadly virus or incurable malady.

Let’s natter about the department of Politics, politicians, political parties, their loud slogans and their poor performances. Let’s take stock of grave realities and the scornful political tradition of our country.

The voyage of corruption continues to boom under the umbrella of so called “Democracy”. The politically elected members from A to Z are wholly the licensed robbers of public wealth. On the facade they take oath of loyalty to the state and its law, but in profundity they undertake to practice the unimaginable ways of corruptions like: bribery, money-laundering, kick-backs, embezzlement, ransoms, fraudulent, China cutting, black-mailing and commit many other similar crimes…

Is winning election a license to corruption? The very first question raises in one’s mind is why a wealthy person would go to contest the election? Is that truthfully for serving the country or for personal business? For most of the politicians gaining power through elections is for doubling their assets and nothing else. This unfortunately is the painful and bitter truth about our society. An elected member’s first priority remains focused on kick-backs or percentage from any project they start in their vicinity. Sometimes the entire project is shown “completed” on the papers in office records which, in reality has no existence on ground. Sometimes a project is merely initiated and its budget is digested in advance while project remains halted because the phase of the elected politician terminates.

In a nutshell from any angle to gain elections in Pakistan means to obtain a justified way to get in to the public office for corruption.  It becomes more painful when a voter, while knowing perfectly about a corrupt candidate still votes for him. Judiciary and Courts in spite of being in picture remain apathetic as if it were legal in the democratic system!

What exactly is missing? Why our democracy is filthy in the face of democracies in the world. Following are some lacking elements and harsh truths regarding the system failure.

Primarily there is no criterion for politicians at all; a candidate who may be illiterate, but has money or one with a character of thug, fanatic, or feudal lord of his area fits in quite well for a political party. The reason is obvious because that sort of person has influence over the poor people and can get vote by hook or by crook.  Majority of politicians of our country who run the public offices belong to this category.  It hurts when we observe that educated youth are jobless spectators and corrupt illiterate people are unfaithfully and poorly performing the system of government!

Secondly, absence of political schools may be a major reason of failure. No teaching exists within the parties or otherwise plate form provided by the state of Pakistan in order to educate those politicians about the norms of politics, sense of responsibly, honesty, and duty to serve the country.


Since the beginning of democratic practices in Pakistan some popular political parties are taking themselves for guardians of democracy, no matter they are in opposition or ruling place, their prime concern remains limited to their own benefits.  When it comes to a political change in the country they do not let a third party to flourish. They defend their ancestral political monarchy. They know the art of playing with the emotions of party workers and general mob. Regrettably voters repeat voting for the same political leaders who betray them each time with false promises.

Pursuing this further it is pesky to see that our top politicians are highly corrupt; they have shifted the wealth of the nation abroad and they have already secured the future of their many generations, they have double nationalities as well as Aqama but still they trick the public, get into power and run the state.  What a shame!  These politicians through their corrupt practices have stained the reputation of our country vis-à-vis the international community.

Another horrible thing happens when parties win elections and form its setup; they upgrade officers of their parties in the government departments. They compel the bureaucracy and use the entire departments for corruption or the party activities. As a common man if you visit any office during the governing period of PPP or PML(N), you will observe the atmosphere of the office completely belongs to that particular party. You will not feel like you are visiting the office of xyz department of government of Pakistan…  Bureaucrats also have an active role in the failure of the system. They need to be realized that they are paid salaries not from the pocket of the political parties but from the treasury of Pakistan to work for state.

To summarize, coming to the title of this article I have a unique suggestion regarding the punishment of corrupt politicians. Since they have been abusing their mandate and lavishly spending the resources of the state for their personal luxuries, they should not be sent to Jails because even in the prison they are treated as v.i.p. Instead under the supervision of the Army they must be sent to Siachin Glacier on the highest and toughest borders to fight against the enemy. They will only then understand how a soldier defends the border and pays with his blood the price of peace for the entire nation.

Finally every department needs a reform, every officer or worker who is paid by the state, above all has to be loyal to this country. Each civilian has to play his role for the development of Pakistan. As citizens of Pakistan we must recognize the realities and should make difference between good and bad, corrupt and sincere. Let’s get ready to bring a positive change in our behaviors and fight against corruption to have a clean, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan!

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  1. Registration of this complaint has encouraged me to lodge an additional complaint involving mr. mehdi shah a former chief minister of gilgit-baltistan.
    On January 4th, 2010 in the Hunza River Valley of northern Pakistan, a massive landslide buried the village of Ghareyat (Upper Attaabad), destroying homes, and killing people in village Sarat (Salmanabad), and damming up the Hunza River. This Lake in Hunza has recently dominated Pakistan news channels. The lake is now over 300 feet deep and 22km long, submerging miles of highway, farms and homes in Ayeenabad, Nazimabad (Siskat), Gulmit. Ghulkin and Susani (Hussaini). This natural disaster has devastated the life of a total of 381.households.
    There was massive sympathetic response from GOP, Foreign governments as well as political parties in Pakistan. In the same context Record compiled by FOCUS at the time of occurrence shows 176 families got affected, disaster management agency gop compiled a list of 381 families, however the chief minister processed his demand with central government for a figure of 500 households and received a relief amount of Rs. 315 million. Subsequent manipulation of figures resulted in a list of 457 affected households.
    The relief amount was kept in a bank for an extended period before some of it was paid to affected families – involving mass protests resulting in two deaths – a father and his son. The profits earned on the amount as well as none distributed to ghost beneficiaries or undeserving affected individuals need to be investigated against Mr. Mehdi Shah.
    Links: https://hisamullahbeg.blogspot.com/…/apeal-to-chief…

    An Appeal to the Chief Judge Gilgit and Baltistan

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