Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Metaphors Used in Khowar Poetry

Zahid Ali Nizari
Shotkhar Torkhow

Like any other literature in the history of the world, Khowar literature is rich in skillful and creative use of beautiful figures of speech, which not only embellish and beautify it but also represent lofty ideas and profound imagination of the poets. Following are a few examples of metaphor used in Khowar poetry. I hope the readers will enjoy themselves by reading them.

  1. Ta phatuk tegh-e-aabdar; ta ghech gheleiru masar; ta bru neziru qanjar

             Chamkdar durri dandan; ta shun yaqut-u-marjan;barik than surfo kanar

Translation: Thy eyelashes are dazzling sharp swords; thy eyes themselves are cautiously chosen pearls; and thy eyebrows are drawn daggers. (Thou hast) shining pearly teeth; thy lips are rubies and pearls; and thy gentle physique is from the species of fur plant.

  1. Awa salam chicheko ma salam aih no chakur: nasenen chumur pologh

            A ma hardio bateen, awa thrushni biti gom, ta shoon ma haqa yozogh

Translation: I am afraid that if I send complements to thee, my complement won’t be able to reach thee by climbing up the wall because of the iron fence round thy house. O my hardio batin, I’ll come thirsty to thee and thy lips are ice- water to me.

  1. Asman ma sori chatirei ma zhan; zemin dauroten gherdur

Translation: The sky is chateer (tent) over me; the earth will keep going round and round.

  1. Shum asiko sari, majburio sari, pona uch ke besam!

Xan te ucha giti tan chaaghul chamuto diti ucho muxo kia lolesir lolesir;

Ya ushak berai re la tan shokhor shuanenen kia piesir piesir;

Hate jam anuso ma ruh zinda biti,

Dusto mukhtu loli kia khoshanio sora  hosesir.

Would that, instead of this bad life of helplessness,  I were a spring; then my beloved would check by putting her delicate finger into the spring and having found it cool, would drink from with her sweet lips. On that good day, my soul would gain rebirth, gaze at beloved’s face, be filled with pleasure and smile.

  1. Bakht be aih nisitam; ajaeb poshitam

Ma dusto sharani kia! Gulab rang koronian la!

Shun don ishtok konian kia! Ghech bru xang koronian la!

Translation: suddenly when I came up, I happened to see a wonderful incident. In the courtyard of my beloved’s house, roses are showing their colours! Lips and teeth are playing games; and eyes and eyebrows are fighting!

  1. Doka khorma xuliaye phurenen lav arer

Glochhenen ispru areraye taten gherum awa

Translation: on the mound there is a Khorma apricot whose higher branches are hung with fruit. The lower ones are filled with blossoms. I will go round you as an indication of love.

Note: The word ‘hardio batin’ literally means ‘the cord/ string of heart. It is believed that there is a cord in the body that keeps heart connected and strong. Contextually it may mean the source of strength, courage and hope. In khowar literature the phrase means dear, beloved, apple of the eye or sweetheart.

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