The unfortunate genius

Didar Ali

“Hypocrisy is Happiness and Truth is Sadness”

The symptom of uncured sickness shows horrifying signs here or another day. But there is a disease, which drags one to the grave and hardly shows any sign. It doesn’t mean the disease is viral and hasn’t has any cause, it does have; which needs thorough examination to diagnose and treatment.

The disease; people of this country song, “Patriotism” and we cry it “HYPROCRCY”.

The crowd have a custom, to scorn free-souls of this dungeon and glamorize skunks, such impasse have left this crowd muddled.

Mr. Qadir Husain, a physicist, and nuclear scientist was a professor of Government Urdu Science College (today’s Federal Urdu University) Karachi.  The unfortunate genius served with great care but faced nasty consequences for his selfless contributions to the dungeon of klutzes and lifeless souls.

Paki establishment and the holy militia snatched his scientific research work, the way scavengers do. They then made everything impossible for the unfortunate genius to keep get say his say.

10728992_791703330886168_2137063851_nThe nuclear physicist, Professor Qadir Husain came up with a formula to manufacture a cheapest atomic bomb using the easiest technique.  He found the easiest method to separate uranium isotopes 235. He came up with this formula because he realized that this poor nation can’t afford the expensive method. It was a breakthrough in the world of applied physics and nuclear science, as in Europe and rest of the world nuclear scientists relied on expensive and much challenging method.

  Nuclear scientists worldwide endorsed and appreciated the theoretical research, to develop “economical atomic bomb”. Interestingly neither the government nor civil or military establishment showed any interest they rather ignored his request and used delaying tactics.

 In 1974 he shared his research work with the secretariat of Prime Minister; the secretariat latterly shared his research paper with ministry of defense and other relevant ministries. According to some statements of Professor Qadir Hussain, published in newspapers of late 70’s and early 80’s; says, “His efforts are to serve his country and nation, not to gain financial benefits out of it”.

In a meeting with the head of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission of that time, Dr. Riaz Uddin in Nov. 1974, the chief appreciated and endorsed professor Qadir’s breakthrough in the field nuclear physics. In 1978 the officials of Pakistan Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTEC) met with Qadir Hussain and discussed the possibility to start the project. Later on the officials suggested to do a confirmatory test, they then decided to do an experimental project under the supervision of Professor Qadir Hussain. For this purpose the nuclear scientist submitted a brief of expected budget for the experimental project.

Until that time, Professor Qadir Hussain realized that the establishment and government is taking away his research work and planning to implement his project not even taking his consent or giving him credit for his breakthrough.

On 25th March 1978 the Controller, Pakistan Patent Office (The Gazette of Pakistan) received an application from Professor Qadir Hssain to REGISTER the experimental research work with his name. Sadly the unlucky genius failed to get the ownership of his technological invention. With the help of Pakistan Atomic Energy the controller, Pakistan Patent Office sealed the request and refused to issue the certificate, which was quite disheartening for the Professor.

The Professor then realized that, the Ministry of Defense and Pakistan Atomic Energy is playing dual tactics. Months passed but he couldn’t convince the holy cows, he finally decided to go to the court for justice. On 12th February1985 he submitted an application to Sindh High Court regarding illegal ban on intellectual property right.

After 17 initial hearings, on 1st Oct 1986 the High Court decided to go for complete official hearing of the case. On 26th Oct 1986 Sindh High Court issued Show Cause Notices to Controller of Patents and Designs, Secretory of Ministry of Industry, and Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

After Four and half years of tiring struggle Sindh High Court gave the decision in favor of Professor Qadir Husain and instructed the Controller of Patents and Designs to issue the Research Patent to Mr. Qadir.

Until then it was too late for the professor, as Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission was using his method to enrich uranium. Mr. Qadir even raised his voice through national newspapers; in a leading Urdu newspaper Jassarat 28th April 1987, he said “Aijaad meri hay, laikin fayida Atomic Commission utha raha hay”.

Out of nowhere a man name, Abdul Qadeer Khan came into limelight. On Saturday August 2nd 1986 daily Jang publishes a statement of the cowboy, saying that, we have manufactured atomic bomb within 7 years of short time, which the West thought it would take more than 50 years for Pakistanis to do so. On 7th March 1988 New York Time also claimed that Pakistan is able to manufacture nuclear bomb.

Mr. Abdul Qadeer Khan wore the undeserved crown and became national hero and founder of Kahuta Research Laboratory. Mr. Qadeer Khan was playing on a ground, which was dreamed, adored and built by the unfortunate Professor Qadir Hussain. Project 706 was a secret or code name of the project to manufacture atomic bomb for this country.

During these court trials and war against shadows and unjust, Mr. Muhammad Qadir Hussain was using Bhadurabad Housing Society Road-15 for his postal correspondence but now God knows well where does he lives. Alive or dead no one has a clue about the unlucky genius.

On 28th May 1999 Pakistan even blasted these atomic bombs and became the first Islamic country having this so called precious gift.

What happened during all these?

The true deservers disappeared like bubbles in the air and the undeserved ones became the saviors and Man of nation.

It’s not Professor Qadir Hussain only who was/is xenophobic sufferer, the list is quite long. Dr. Abdul Kalam (Ex. Indian President and nuclear scientist) and Nobel laureate Dr. Abdul Salam has their own crying account.

If this so called nation remained ignorant and silent towards their true liberators, the day is not far this demesne will commit suicide with same bomb.

Didar has a passion to write about arts, culture, environment, philosophy, politics, technology and tourism. He is also a cultural and social critic. He blogs at OINOMANCY and SHUPUN

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