In a World of Superstitions

By Junaina Fazal

Hey! Watch out! A Black cat has crossed your way a second ago. Now Please be alert, something awful is going to happen to you. “And how do you get to know about this?”

“It’s what the ancient Greeks have said.” “Oh come on! What a piece of useless, crap thought you have in your brain.”  I mean what sort of misfortune can a black cat brings to a human? Isn’t it foolishness? But no wait I’m living in a world of superstitions, a broadly held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck where people don’t believe in the course of their actions but they do feel the third force to be blamed.

Where ever you go these superstitions follow you. One may think how these have been created? I must say “misunderstanding” has the key role to offer in fabricating bundle of such idiotic notions. Misunderstandings related to science or other casualties and the fear too. This exhibits how mindless the human minds are. In this contemporary age where science has engrossed whole of the planet, where the highbrows are manifesting the truth of the past and the present and we are positioning at the fore of the future there exist a world of credulity. Yes, it does exist. In this circle of insanity there lives what we call the ignorant ones. They believe the whistling indoors is an invitation to the demons, they consider itching in the right hand means that they are going to get money and in the left may lose the money, huh! For my whole life I thought itching is something related to internal irritation but anyways. The one that I use to laugh at the most was that associated with the scissors. This is credited to the Egyptians, “the most civilized ones”. According to Egyptian lure playing with the scissors idly brings bad luck and my mother always rebukes me whenever I do something like that. The Italians view ending up of an owl in your house will result in the death of one of your blood relative. Whoop! That owl never knows this that he is bringing what. Hey! Who didn’t have played with Yo-Yo in the childhood? Syria in 1933 banned Yo-Yos over the fear that they would cause a dry spell. Full Moons are beautiful huh? No it brings chaos. Yes, be wary of the full moon.

No please don’t roam your head. It’s all around us. This is a harsh certitude of majority of beings that nobody takes responsibility for their undertakings but take shelter of such misconceptions and the others are left out with fear, the fear of unknown whom they didn’t sure that it even exist or not. Leaving footwear upside down is considered totally wrong and an insult to God but the insults we do every day by our evil acts have no place of consideration. Yes we live in a world of superstitions.

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