Thu. Feb 9th, 2023


By Nagina Sarwar

Happiness is a state of mind which is hard to define in words. It is a sentiment and emotion intended for which everybody is concerned. Individuals hunt for happiness all over their lives. But they don’t do what is required to bring joy in life. Though, there is not any standard meaning for happiness, I have queried various individuals that what is happiness for them, and the responses were different. For some people, money-oriented things are a basis of happiness and for others’ nature, beauty and kith and kin is an origin for their happiness.

In her 2007 book The How of Happiness, positive psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky explains, describing happiness as “the practice of joy, satisfaction, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and valuable.”

According to positive psychology, happiness is an inner state of being not an external one. Most people studying happiness have decided that hereditary predisposition toward happiness called trait happiness, accounts for a huge percentage of what makes humans happy. As much as 50 percent of why we’re happy may be found in our genetic factor. The added half of human contentment is slightly more within our control. Whereas around 10 percent remain life situations like proceeds and associations, the remaining 40 percent comprises of choices made by the people.

Individuals generally can’t source the cause for their unhappiness and they blame all from a bad job to a bad environment etc, nevertheless they take responsibility for their state of mind. Being unhappy is an awful practice. Some individuals have the lot in their life like a respectable career, a well-furnished house on an enjoyable place, cars, and additional extravagances but they are not happy in their lives. Because they have set some other values of happiness. It is the human thinking for the man to need for something he does not have. They don’t emphasis on the things they have in their lives. Thus, the cause why many of the individuals stay away from contentment is that they simply wish for joy, but they don’t go to get it. I view happiness isn’t tough to achieve and here are no inflexible and fast directions to get happiness and there are many guidelines, steps which can safeguard our happiness, one of the best rule of being happy in life is express our personal happiness and achievement.

Own your meaning of achievement and disappointment. Not two individuals are alike therefore, why would we set equal values for our achievement. Around you will always stand somebody well than you also there will always somebody in an awful situation than you. You will not have time to ensure all. You will have to recognize that everything has an opportunity cost, you must let go numerous belongings for reaching your dreams and that’s totally acceptable. we must define accomplishment and happiness in our individual standings because if don’t, the social order will shape it for us, and we will continuously fall short and constantly be left not good enough. we’ll always caught associating ourselves by others also challenging with others and our lives will remain a never-ending battle intended for the next greatest thing and in such situation, we’ll never experience happiness till the end of our lives.

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