Courage: A Dying Trait

By Essa Akbar Khan

Take from the top leadership or from the lower social strata, you will hardly find sincere, God fearing and accountable person in our society. We are professionally inept, morally shallow and spiritually hollow. Unfortunately, we have developed the habit of excuse and face saving. We are neither sincere to ourselves nor to the other people in our surrounding. What I personally observe that we have become addicted to some of the heinous social evils which would ultimately demoralize us and will lead us to the world of nowhere. In our relationship, there is duality and in our day to day business, there is conspiracy. We never appreciate someone generously, we only do when there is our own evil intention. Similarly, we cajole and coax someone just to get the good out of him/her. We keep the whole day speaking ill of the fellow friends and by the end of the day we go to them with a perfunctory smile and do not hesitate to be helped.

There is always a doubt in our mind, therefore, we are dubious in our plan. Our standard of selection is uncertain. The job we choose to do, the people we select to live with and the place we project to live in, are always conditional and unstable. Intentionally, we are not giving our 100% in our job. On the other hand, we are the first to blame the injustice and inequalities. The whole day we gossip about our own job and the incentives, yearly increments and old age benefits. We know, we are not satisfied but still we are stick to it, as  we are timorous to quit it. We do the same job, we go to the same person and we select the leaders who we know are totally corrupt with low moral characters.

In a nut shell, we need to cultivate the habit of asking the hard questions from those who in our point of view are malicious. We need to quit the job which is headache for us and we need to mould a sincere, positive attitude towards ourselves otherwise, this dying courage will eat us from within like termite eats wood. The demise of nations is only hidden in lacking intellectual courage and irrelevant insight.

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