Gender equality is the sole functioning idea


It is the nature of human feeling that sometimes human thinks he is great and sometime he thinks he is the ultimate monster created on earth by God. Some people control their feeling while some don’t, to control feeling requires nothing just understating of the situation. As it is true, nothing is beyond human being, nothing is out of context, everything is planned and yet, human being has to use his mind and control the feeling which are not only creating obsessions but also increases tension in the mind by constant bombardment of coming and going off with thinking’s. Also, it is necessarily to think before going into preforming task however being overloaded with perilous thinking result into exhaustions and often times it causes suicides.

Now, we need to find, ways which are actually derailing either it is girl or boy from their respective place into the trauma of thinking again and again. One of the cause of thinking too much is due to unsatisfied sense of humor and it originates from the periphery of our mind where a person himself is alone and pestering himself. It is such a habit usually a person develops when he feels something is going in his or her life in a very wrong directions which they have not expected. So here we can say, unsatisfied from life.

The rate at which suicide attempts are pervading into the life of GB, is because of the unreasonable teachings given to the youngsters and pushing female gender in to the recesses of life where female is taught less-valued and is viewed consistently wrong, and this is so called a societal teachings in our daily life. We have instilled a sense in the minds of little baby boys and girls about the consciousness of gender, not in the time when they reach puberty but rather in the time they are far beyond to comprehend what is being said. It has somewhat, has impacted our society to its deep root and also it is the result of that thinking which has worsen the life of women in our society.

Furthermore, it is a matter of the fact a women are emotional entities of our societies. We need to respect their love, sympathies and humorous way of behaving rather than using their feeling (a good posture of them) a tool against them. Male in our society has regularly resulted and are used to manipulate women for a personal gains. Some people in our society are also habitual of using sticks against women which often result into psychological diseases and which then drive a women into such a sort of unusual thinking that resultantly, produce a chemical in the mind, which not only disturb their rationale ability to think but also with time slightly taking them into the place, thereby they have nothing left to do except feeling vulnerable and commit suicide.  It is such a condition so often loom over such a societies where male have worst sense of ability to feel the pain of next gender that is women of our society.

Moreover, being from such a family which has kept privilege to speak for both genders of their problems I can then understand the sensibilities of both the genders. As it is well known fact that till the time if we do not deploy our rationale mind, there will be fights obviously because of the false understanding of women. Only is this problem, we are suffering through, not in only one home but in all the homes in our society. So therefore, we need to understand, to apply the moral tools, for if there is any clash in the process of the understanding of women’s identity.

We should learn how to act on morally with a women, because it is our religious obligations and our need, without behaving with a good ethics with women neither we can be able to achieve a good society nor we can evolve a good family so as to why it is compulsory for us to behave well, well with women. Turing a wrath on women is not an act of catharsis but a great sin apparently. Learning respect, having mercy on them, is the sunnah of our prophet peace be upon him. So those who turn their anger, anxiety upon the thick shoulders of women and are beating them, are the people but of a vanity not a righteous guided one.

Anywhere in the world where there is restricted exposure for women, that nation, place or country cannot be able to compete the world. Women is the folk comprise almost half of the population of the country, if they do not work, there will be great loss in the economics of that country. Instead those states which allow their women to work are going forward as we can take example of china where in every person have some liability on their head from their state for doing work in their respective professions. No one is allowed to waste time, that’s why the reason today in the world is that china is considered amongst powerful country in the terms of economic stability. Therefore, from here we can draw a line for our self so that we can also be able to have entered into the competition with the world by applying new techniques in our life and by changing our mindset from retrogressive in to the paradigm of progressive.

Conclusively, one should admit that women is the part of a vehicle of the society, until she don’t have the ability to speak up, for her rights, for her choice and for her dignity , a whole society cannot work up. By understanding this logic, we should compel or should push our men and women in to the forum together where they can openly debate and know their problems and understand their responsibilities as being part of the society. Until and unless, we don’t allow men to understand women and women to understand men we would not be able to achieve the coordination, unity and peace of domestic life in our society.

The writer is the student of political science and English literature of Forman Christian College Lahore. 

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