Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

On the cusp of historical change

By Sher Ilyas 

As elections are drawing near, hackneyed claims, rabble-rousing speeches and straining electioneering is getting cacophonous to deafening with the passing day. Each political party chanting fancier slogans than the other to lure the voters. Those who have relished the pleasures and privileges of power corridor have come up with renewal of the platitudinous slogans disguised in new wordings but one thing they seem to be incognizant of is the fact that this public is glaringly dissimilar to the ones they had been bamboozling over the years showing them green garden at the time of elections and then disappearing until the next elections. The public is more perspicacious and politically sensible than ever.

 Unfortunately, the problem with our system has been the political obscurantism resulting an alienatory approach towards politics. Major strata of our society even the educated class, unlike elsewhere, look at politics unconcernly and gets least indulged obverse of the fact that politics is an inextricable part of our life. Perhaps, it’s mostly because of the long pervasive dictatorship in the past that depreciated rather banned student politics because they feared their arbitrary dominance slipping away and wanted to perpetuate their single-handed authority. Saddening part is the akin attitude of subsequent democratic governments who followed suit and maintained the same practice of obfuscating politics for the general public in order to evade meritocracy resulting perpetuity to their family and wealth-driven politics. And that’s why we still have politicians today who do not know the ABC of politics we have parliamentarians who cannot speak and write Urdu properly let aside English which is downright alien to most of them including the big enchilada who needs a scrap under his fist even to pay his salutations.

Rich tribute to the consciousness-raiser whose indefatigable struggle of 22 years is yielding fruit now. Nation having dozed into a state of virtual political hibernation soon after the inception has been reawakened by the great Imran Khan. When he embarked on the amelioratory moment of new and progressive Pakistan back in 1990s he was mocked, made fun of and even few out of their pessimism said him to be barking up the wrong tree but he never let go off perseverance and pertinacity. Having build a cancer hospital in 1994, founded Tehreek-I-Insaf in 1996. Defying all odds build two more cancer hospitals in Peshawar and Karachi (underway).  In addition, founded Namal University of International Standard and on political front proving the indispensability of honesty, integrity and statesmanship rose to the new pinnacle of glory.

The historical 126 days sit-in, undoubtedly, served as a catalyst in nation-awakening. which ineffaceably inculcated political perspicacity and sagacity in every citizenry. As failure was unknown to Founder of Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah so as defeat to Imran khan. It might be a hard pill to some of them out there to swallow but they are to bite the bullet. Eventually, in Quaid’s Pakistan the power hungry elites and their self-seeking sycophants are doomed to vanish and now out of their desperation  flogging the dead horse towards the end as their defeat now is writing on the wall. All their machinations and calumnies have now come to naught after IK in person faced all the trials and immaculately emerged triumphant on every front earning the title of “certified honest politician” from the court of law.

Indeed, it’s high time to bid adieu to the clowns, goons, and stooges  for  good with a vociferous pledge to ourselves not to succumb to any such nefarious machinations in future for the sake of our future generations. We are standing at cross roads given with choices whether to be the part of status quo and let the old practice of turn-taking be the order of the day or to uproot the kleptocracy in the cloak of democracy for once and all.

“This is the “Now Or Never” situation for Pakistani nation. This golden opportunity might not repeat itself ever in history. Timely sagacity may easefully drive away the life-long repentance.”

In prevailing political backdrop, marginalized populace of Gilgit Baltistan get to observe circumstances purposefully and cogitate cool-headedly in order to pave the way to address the long pervasive grievances in future.  No que sera sera any longer!

The contributor is a BS English student at NUML, Islamabad. 

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