Feeding the people with fake hopes!

By Karim Khan Saka

Is it twist of fate that Pakistan remains poor for 70 years?  Or a game of arnaque by the opportunist nature of political swindlers who have literally sold out the entire country along with its population and have sold even those who are still in the wombs of their mothers!

How is it possible that last three generations were unable to overcome the poverty and the fourth generation is indebted with an amount of Rs. 130 thousand per person? There are hundreds of similar questions that come to the minds of the innocent Pakistanis but nobody knows exactly who to ask and who could be responsible for the economical bankruptcy, which has hard-pressed our country to the edge of the financial red zone?

Politics, ever since Plato and Aristotle has been given steady denotation by the political engineers through the course of time. Politics is neatly & fairly practiced in the western world by the countries for the prosperity and progress of their states. But unfortunately as a bitter truth, in Pakistan politics has been practiced only for personal gains and not for national progress.  In our country to become a politician means to have legal ground to steal from the public fund. Here people invest in the elections not with a passion to be elected leaders to serve the country but to have license in order to augment many fold higher their personal wealth.

Political workers remain confined and attached to the political personalities or parties only. Their ultimate vision is to blindly cherish and serve their political gurus even if they are the most corrupt ones. There is no proper political education in any party. The two old measure parties PMLN and PPP have a common concept of establishing political hereditary monarchy, where they keep the ruling power within their families. It contradicts the general democratic system if politics revolve around a single family, and then there remains no national politics but only a family-centric politics.  That is what Pakistan is facing since the beginning.

During the election time, the political candidates make fake promise and feed people with false hopes. Once they are elected, they are given protocols and thus they avoid to be mingled with general public. The most desired law people would expect from the honorable judge of Supreme Court is to remove the protocol of police vehicle and bodyguards from serving an MPA or MNA.

Now a day the fever of Election is rising higher and higher. In fact nothing new will happen and nothing will change. Finally one day people will vote according to their likes and dislikes or political, religious and ethnical affiliations… Again the same faces will emerge, again the same slogans will be heard everywhere in the air, on the television screens, in the streets on the social media… and a flock of repeatedly “elected visages” of feudal background of the genre: “Sardars, Maliks, Chawdharys, Mians, Mirs, Rajas, Sharifs, Zardaris, Mazaris, Bhuttos, Khosas, Bhugtis, Jatts, Butts, Jamalis, Lagharis, Shirazis, Wayns, Pagaras, Shajis, Mowlanas,  along with some Engineers, Doctors and retired people will seize the prestigious chairs as rulers to profit from the corrupt system and deprive the rest of layman population from their basic rights.

Election in Pakistan is merely the reawakening of already lifeless dormant populace just for voting.  I have no hesitation to compare the entire situation according to a famous Wakhi proverb: “Making wolves care takers of a herd of sheep”, which is literally not possible but the above proverb matches enormously where the elected members stand for wolves and general public for a group of sheep..  The general public is gathered by hook or by crook or terrorized or bought by those parties on Election Day for voting and the same is repeated once in every five year.

The country is in dire needs to have a huge change. We would humbly like the respected Judge of Supreme Court to take another bold step regarding the mechanism of elections. The foremost obligatory thing is an amendment in the present law, where one MPA or MNA should have the right to be elected only for a single tenure in his or her lifetime. They must not be given a second chance to contest elections. That maybe is the only way to get rid of the repeated clan of corrupt politicians. Pakistan has a big population and new educated youth should be and must be given responsibilities to use their skills, knowledge, fresh energy and education for the betterment and progress of Pakistan. It is time to say Adieu to the above listed surnames who have been feeding the people of Pakistan with false hopes during the last seven decades.

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