Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

War is not an option, but self defense is an obligation

Kamal Hunzai

Let’s make this very clear. We don’t hate anyone on the basis of their faith. Religion is a personal choice and there is no harm to call towards your ideology in a peaceful manner.

When we talk about India and Pakistan, the conversation goes towards Hindu and Muslims. I am personally friends with many Hindus who are from Pakistan. I was fortunate to have my teachers who had Hindu faith, many of my classmates had Hindu faith but we never had any problems for each other. So why people start bashing Hindus when it comes to India Pakistan? It’s because a certain group wants to have supremacy over every other faith in sub-continent. If Muslims had to take over by force and had to force everyone leave their faith why they didn’t do at the time of Mughal empire ? Every human should be respected and treated on equal merits of humanity, no one is allowed to force others.

Islam has taught us ‘Muslims’ not to force anyone; we are taught to treat our POW in a good and honorable manner. We are restrained no to fight someone on basis of their faith until unless she or he posses threat. We have been taught to stay affirm if we face any threats and it has been set as obligation on us in such situation we have to fight for self defense. Our belief is this world is just a transaction and we are in a journey, once we die we will go towards a better life. Death is a universal truth for every living being and what could be a better death than a death with dignity and honor. We Pakistanis don’t want war with anyone, my generation has grown up in a war situation. We are immune to all effects of war. We as a nation have seen the uncertainty, materialistic looses, pain, & most important losses of loved ones.We want peace, propriety, dignity & mutual respect for everyone. This is not sign of our weakness but maturity & experience that we bring in from war against terror. If we are forced to go into war, the world will see & the future generations will remember us as honorable and victories nation.

India and Modi, the balance of power is shifting towards East now, don’t be puppet of global powers and try to resist it. Your masters of this GREAT GAME will not be able to save you as they have earned enough shame for themselves around the globe. Look inwards, solve the issues with your neighbors in a peaceful manner. The only way forward is talk across the table, resolve the Kashmir dispute once and for all. We know this and you know this that you won’t be able to hold Kashmir in peace. India will suffer and this whole region will suffer. There is a chines saying when you dig grave for someone dig two.

Modi, you have failed Indian political system, and Doval has failed you.If people of India will reject you, you have to go, there is no excuse. Don’t put this region and lives of millions at stake for personal gains. #Indians you need to understand this, war is no option for Pakistanis but self defence is an obligation.

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