Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

Take care of your beautiful heart!

Naila Parveen

When their specified time arrives, they cannot delay it for a single hour nor can they bring it forward,”                                                                                                       Surat an-Nahl: 16

Life is a valuable blessing of Allah and it is His will to take it back and He has decided the time. He has given us (the human being) the choice to take care of it through wisdom. I am not a doctor or have no connection to the medical field but It makes all gloomy when any close one leaves the world, even  it is more miserable when the one who is leaving you is young enough. There are so many reasons and diseases that cause human death.  The alarming thing is when young adults/ teenagers die with sudden cardiac arrest and so on. In the recent years it has been observed that heart diseases primarily heart attack has become very common mostly in youth. According to a recent research 10% of deaths are caused by heart diseases in Pakistan and this number is constantly increasing. Pakistani population has one of the highest risks of heart diseases. The major factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, stress and unhealthy lifestyle, are causing heart diseases. Let’s take an overview of some of most common root cause behind the cardiac disorder in the country.

Unhealthy diet and life style is a major root cause for various diseases not only cardiac problems. Unfortunately our daily food consists of junk foods and beverages. To save time we prefer eating readymade, fast foods and preserved foods. Fast food Company’s major target is kids and adults. These junk foods contain plenty of calories and less verity of nutrients which results in numerous heath issues like obesity, high cholesterol level, diabetes, kidney problem, liver diseases, and depression and so on. These health issues are root cause of heart diseases which reduces the life span. According to Global Burden disease study based on 188 countries, Pakistan ranks 9th in term of obesity. According to WHO research approximately 26 % of women and 19 % of men are suffering from obesity problem in the country. The number of substandard spices available in the markets has made our food very tasty but the chemical used are injurious to health which is silent killer. Unfortunately different textile colors in the name of food colors are used in preparation process and sold out with fake brand names.  The media should be appreciated for the step it has taken to awake the public like Iqrar Ul Hassan, there are number of channels helping to ban low standard food supply.

Other than increase in consumption of less nutritious food, physical activities have also declined and lead to numerous heart diseases. Luxurious life style has become our priority. Today we hardly see people walking.  They prefer private or public transports which has a direct impact on health.  The air and noise pollution produced by these vehicles contribute to numerous diseases including heart diseases. One major health problem is high blood pressure that has become yet another common disease in our daily life. One in every house hold is facing this problem.  Later or sooner this cause complicated heart related diseases. Stress is another common problem as it has affected people of all ages, from all walks of life around the world, but Pakistan is one of the countries at high risk where the rate of depression is at top. It is a root cause of multiple diseases. But the question here is what causes stress? It has a long list of problems that cause stress but one major root is the financial constraint.  High inflation in the country has put pressure on families that is killing people with depression. Hypertension is 19% in people of age 15 and 33% above the age of 45. Keeping in view all these facts and figures it is not wrong to say that the health condition in Pakistan is getting worst. People are only busy in making money, they have almost forgotten social life, and 9 to 5 job is highly contributing to it. It would not be wrong that as one disease makes a chain of multiple other diseases. It is necessary to take care of well being with certain precautions as it is said:  “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Government should take appropriate actions by various control tools to stop supply of unhygienic and health hazard food items. To reduce the consumption of junk food government can impose high tax rate, price control may save many lives.  Restriction on advertisement can also discourage fast food production and supply. Make fruits and vegetable part of regular diet. Consume less fatty food. Government can use the unoccupied public lands as Public Parks and free exercise instruments should be placed in all public parks that every citizen should get access to these.  Like Bangkok Thailand government has installed gym equipments in various public parks for citizens that I have witnessed during my recent visit. Free regular health checkup schemes should be introduced both in government and private hospitals. The organizations can also play role by providing space to exercise for employees on regular basis or alternate days it will not only improve heath but also work efficiency.  Smoking should be banned in the country especially in public areas. By imposing high taxes on tobacco products government can save lives. If we see someone using drugs, as a responsible citizen it is our duty to discourage the unhealthy habits.  We shouldn’t wait for someone to come and resolve our problems but together we can make difference. Blaming the government all time is not wise. The current government is committed to focus health sector, proposed imposing Sin Tax on tobacco products and sugary beverages is a good step towards improving health. Life is very beautiful so let’s take care of our body to live long and enjoy the beauty around us instead of putting it at risk.

“Your body is your most priceless possession so go take care of it.” Jack Lalanne

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