Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

Tears of the mountains

Raheel Iqbal 

One can’t deny the fact that the environment around us is the powerful source for healthier and grinning life. Nature provides a sense of life that can feel by any species around us .God had gifted humans as highest in intellectual levels, but previously human beings are the chief aspects for the destruction of environment.

In Pakistan we are now suffering from huge environmental problems, the increasing depletion of ozone and the rapid melting of glaciers is an alarming situation that is need to be deal with. Water has been core issue in the country and majority of the regions are facing serious water crisis, according to scientists there would be no water by 2025 in the persistent situation of environmental degradation.

Gilgit Baltistan has an area of 7,040,000 hectares with huge mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, beautiful pastures and glaciers ;but the present environmental problems have destructed the melting process of glaciers.

The temperature from last 80 years has increased by 1.4 degree Celsius compared to a rise of 0.6 degree Celsius compared to the lower-lying regions of the country.

Deforestation is also an important aspect for natural disasters in the region , severe damage has been done by timber mafia in the region by cutting trees in a massive way. The local Governments negligence and the remoteness of the region has hampered the nourishment of the environmental problems in the region.

It’s need of time to control such destruction of nature that are lifeline for coming decades .we being third world country can’t effort such natural shattering.The local government should pay a keen role for the environmental protection and to educate people regarding environmental issues in the region .

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