Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Being optimistically pessimistic

By Zohran Ali

The serene and pristine natural beauty entangled with the unmatched peace and freshness, the mountains standing high, as if whispering to the blue sky, clouds sailing steadily while the wind is caressing the joyous faces of the dancing flowers. One can hear the river flowing and whistling into the cliffs, surrounded by the lush green grass around the edges. Such are the days and nights in this vale; one could look into the night sky, setting eyes on the stars shining high,  as if they have been set free from the day’s keep.
The moon, the piece of rock that has fascinated civilizations with her glorious mystery and grace is lighting the snow-capped mountains and the glittering drops of rain create an earthly aroma, when they hit the soil.
You can feel the wild life moving happily around you. The birds singing songs in joy and the frogs jerking their heads out of slumber. The might and greatness of the creator could be observed by looking just at a glimpse of his creation.
Such is the place (Hunza) where I was born and raised, a piece of land that has been gifted to us, mere filthy little creatures that don’t deserve such beauty and peace in the first place.
You could sense pessimism in my words. But, that’s not the actual case. We have been bestowed with a lot of nature’s miracles. Alhummdullilah!  Had we not been so careless and blind towards our actions and the mess that we have been and are creating on Earth, and ultimately for ourselves, we would not have been having such high scale climatic changes. Our troubles could have been way lesser.
We, humans, are a very ridiculous creature; we dig our own grave while being alive (yes it sometimes happen literally as well but I am not referring to that) .
I get sad when I watch the snowy mountains and glaciers melting down so rapidly under the Sun whose shine is the harbinger of life on earth.
It feels like nature is getting angry at us, on what have we been doing to her son (Earth). And believe me, she is not wrong in doing that. The floods and natural disasters that are wiping us out are somehow a result of our own doing. Why are we so  blind towards what’s happening around us? Why don’t we act even after being aware of the mess that we are spreading? Is there anything more precious than the sight of heaven on Earth? Why are we spoiling the mother nature for things that are temporary and that do harm to each one of us. I feel pity on ourselves and I pray for the bright future of the human race if there exists any somehow!
The sight of a barren land and a dry tree that once used to be a lush green pasture and a fruit bearing tree is so sickening and heart wrenching that sometimes I can sense hell on earth. We as a race need to realize our responsibility towards nature and towards each other that we don’t know for how long those split seconds exist till we die. Our life spans are analogous to the soap bubbles that exist for a little while. We and our generations won’t be able to be blessed with the perks of our world if we do not wake up. So before leaving this visible world why don’t we do one little favour towards it.”Lets spread green, save blue and donate red”. I hope we will be able to reduce our carbon footprint. InshAllah.
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