Chief Secretary forms committee to assess water crises in Central Hunza

GILGIT: Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan Muhammad Khurram Agha has constituted a committee to assess and suggest measures to alleviate water crises in Hunza.

Hunza was facing severe water crisis as the glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) and flooding in Ultar and Shishper glacial streams badly damaged the water-supply infrastructures in central Hunza.  This situation has severely affected the agriculture sector in central Hunza.

The notification reads that the water crises situation has almost created potential law and order concerns for the district administration.

The seven-member committee will work under the chairmanship of Commissioner Gilgit Usman Ahmed. The members include Program Coordinator ETI, Gilgit-Baltistan; Director General GBDMA; Deputy Commissioner Hunza; Director Water Extension, Agriculture Department GB; Deputy Chief (Irrigation Sector) P&D; Regional Program Coordinator ETI and XEN B&R Hunza.

The committee will assess the situation of water supply-infrastructure by visiting Ultar and Hassanabad Nallahs along with conducting assessment of the impact of the water crises on local community. The committee will forward recommendations on how the crises may be dealt with and sustainable solutions (short, mid and long terms).

The committee will submit its recommendations to the Chief Secretary within 2 week.  



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