Shia Ulema Council, other orgs, want caretaker cabinet changed, threaten with region wide protests 

Gilgit: Shia Ulema Council, Tehreek-e-Islami and the Tehreek-e-Jafria have demanded changing of the recently announced regional care-taker cabinet, calling it unbalanced and non-representative, as well as “in violation of merit”. They have said that if the cabinet was not changed within seven days, they will start a region wide protest movement.

This was stated during a press conference held here in Gilgit today. Speaking at the press conference, Sheikh Mirza Ali of the Shia Ulema Council questioned the mechanism for selection of the cabinet members, while also criticizing the care-taker chief minister Sher Jahan Mir for failing to address the aspirations and wishes of the masses. He said that if the caretaker chief minister feels that his hands are tied, then he should resign from his position.

Sheikh Mirza Ali said that his party will consider boycott of the upcoming elections if the concerns were not addressed. He also cast doubts on holding of transparent and impartial elections under the incumbent care-taker setup.

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  1. It is a general practice that a cabinet whose work is to govern the administration for an interim period should from the member who have a good reputation and represent all walk of life and they should be able to perform their duties interdependently and neutrally.

  2. we had many expectations with care taker CM to shift the paradigm of GB through following good governance rules. We would never say who is right or wrong but we would do say what is wrong.It would be better if from all seven districts like inayetullah shumali would be nominated and all would have provided opportunity to participate in new formation of Govt through election.If the care taker has not been empowered to lead the GB and take decisions.Former PPP Govt has disappointed the whole GB not delivering service now at initial stage the cabinet was made controversial. The Minister kashmir affairs need to review his decision and should ensure the representation of all seven districts equally. As Islam also teaches about equality and justice in all sphere of life.Mr. Hafizur rEhamn needs to take this issue at highest level with PM and President as well.

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