Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Humanity: A call from inside

By Karim Murad Siam

People define humanity as quality of being human. The message which this definition conveys to us is massive. If you ask someone about the distinction which makes us different from other organisms, you would get a simple and a typical response from majority of the people. Which would be off course brain or mind. But there is another thing which is also significant and momentous as well, that is humanity. Today, it is very rare that you would find someone who does prefer serving humanity rather than just worrying about his vested interest. Few days ago, when I was busy in my prayers at the community center. I saw an old woman who came and sat in front of the few wealthy people of the region with an innocent face and tears in her eyes. She said her husband has been admitted in the hospital and she needs ten thousand rupees for his operation. While they were in conversation with the old woman, I was thinking they would surely help her get out of this problem. But to my surprise, they only gave her fifty rupees each. She was not a beggar for sure rather she asked them to help and those fifty rupees which they gave were not even enough to get back to the hospital. This was the incident which urged me to write this article.
There are so many examples of people who have done remarkable job to uplift the lifestyle of poor people around them.  Within our own country and our region GIlgit-Baltistan, there are many eminent personalities who have spent their entire life while serving others. One of the most outstanding examples of extra-ordinary humanity in a human being has been portrayed beautifully by Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi who even did not hesitate to get on the roads barefooted to collect fund for his organization. Gilgit-Baltistan has also been blessed with such legends who have done notable job for humanity. I feel very proud when I see our youth making new social organizations every now and then with inspiring objectives. It is really great that our youth have fellow feelings for their people. I think humanity means extending your love to others. Humanitarian services should never be performed with a false objective like getting fame or to gain status in the society rather they should be performed for self-satisfaction.
As students, we must also acknowledge the fact that we are also members of this society and we should also do something which could inspire and motivate others who take social work and volunteerism as waste of time. Yesterday, during a conversation with my younger brother, he told me a story of one of his friend. He said there is a boy in my class whose name is Arsalan who had been suspended from school for not submitting his tuition fee for two months. Then there is another boy whose name is Saadat who requested his father to help Arsalan. Saadat’s father luckily gave all the out standings of Arsalan and he was allowed to come back to school. This story contains a lesson for all of us. If a twelve years boy can make such a huge impact on one’s life so why can’t we. We just need to make a small commitment with ourselves that we would take care and help others whenever and wherever possible. We would always be there for people who need our help the most. Lastly, I would end this article with a Hadith in which our beloved Prophet (PBUH) says “Do not turn away a poor man. Even if all you can give is half a date. If you love the poor and bring them near you. God will bring you near Him on the day of resurrection.”
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