Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Of the 20 million sperms, you are the one that won!!

By Naveed Saleem

Out of twenty million sperms, I am the life. I am the one, the fittest among the rest, cherry-picked by nature and so the divine volition to escalate my prowess and indeed to explore the universe. Life borrows different definitions from different people based on their own experience, observations and their own tastes which burst and pop out of mind, seeking the help of proper conscious reflexes of fingers, travel through a pen and out of the tip, imprint on a fine paper or else. From religious perspectives to philosophy, theology, literature, and atheism, life meets its different definitions.

Philosophy says; life is the embodiment of selfishness! Life is selfish because it is just for itself in many ways. It is for its own survival and for its own existence. Life uses destructively others to satisfy its desire, its need and its reproduction on compulsion and again certain philosophers plead different arguments while defining life. Shakespeare says in Macbeth that;

Life is but a walking shadow; it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sounds and fury, signifying nothing.

Life is an amalgamation, a mixture. It is a blend of disappointments, sorrows, griefs, lofting perplexities, pain yet not complete and essentially contains love, happiness, joy, mirth, success, satisfaction and glamour which fill the bulb of life with the shimmering light of completeness. It is a dish of which the texture does not taste well to the buds if it is not the combination of the both aspects, the dark and the bright. This is the reason behind why one should depend on hope. If people stop hoping that something will eventually bring a gleam of happiness all around, extricating and up-rooting the extended darkness, they will suffer from agony, apathy, and excruciation, giving a birth to their lives a chaos.

Why people commit suicides? Why people mourn for what they don’t have or be? Why people seek solitude? Just because they were hit by something they were not expecting? No, one should understand that suffering is a part of life. And if you are living a life without having the guts and power to confront and bear suffering then you actually don’t know the process behind your existence and origination. I would say that you are the one who had given a tough competition to one less 20 million sperms to break the womb and to break in the universe. You are the fittest, you are the potent and nature had known that you are the one to live the life, to discover the world, and to explore earths and skies.

Life is for freedom and freedom is for life. Life demands free-will and freedom of expression. But so regretfully I am saying that our interests, our will-power, and our fondness has been indoctrinated by our elders. We the humans of 21st century has been manacled by old pathetic, inoperable and fallacious conceptions. We plead things making base some 1000 years old illogical rather irrational saying ludicrously. Quite unearthly yet actually, we are the typical examples of slaves tagged with false pledges and sugar-coated promises compelling us to remain trapped in the chains of slavery which in turn gives a by-product functionality making our mental credentials thought constipated.

I was just scrolling facebook yesterday, when my sight struck with a post, saying that; life is a change. I have never found this much simplified and complete definition of life. Life is indeed a change. From two minute drops of sex hormones, what starts is life. Then during the 9 months inside the laboring mother, these drops accepts many changes leading to a well-developed organism. And what happens next during rest of the life? All that happens is a change, a change that brings maturity, understanding, insight, physical strength, grooming, aging, and then weakness, fragility, frailty, and death, the final change. All of these from fusion of hormones to death are nothing but changes. I believe in changes, it’s a change that defines your living style, that pictures your future and that shapes your present.

So now, you should think that whatever you are and whatever you have in your life is because of a change, and its you who has inculcated these changes willingly. Your regrets and satisfactions now are the outcomes of either negative or positive changes, you have brought in your life. So its you, it`s all you…!

Life … life is beautiful

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