Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Importance of reading literature

By Shahzaib Hussain

Life is all about doing something, whether you do or not, things would remain the same, as through reading I have learn whatever we are doing is not worthy of higher stature, either it is writing or something else, nothing is ever been beneficial until the thing which is being explained should be précised and short, and most importantly It should be understood by all. However, in this modern time with barrage of knowledge from all sides and portions of internet, columns, and through newspapers, a confusion has been created. Perhaps, now the time has come to cut down literature into parts so that people could understand and know, and seek from books.

Furthermore, life is complex combination of different issues and subjects, living in a society, we need to understand, science, math, sociology, environmental science, political science and history etc. given to these subjects, required a sense of understanding, a sense of accumulating, and a sense of what you have gained, of giving back to society. However, there is issue, an unresolved issue of the history of humankind, that is, some do understand and some not of these subjects, as a result in a society the balance of education disturbed and classes are formed on the basis of literate and illiterate people in a society, which I think is the cause of all issues that we mostly come across in our life being individual of society.

Similarly, science is also expanding its horizon in a society, we are compelled to believe in it. Because of its advancement, beyond human imaginations and reach. For instance; there was a time once people are being died out of diseases like, malaria, now we have got fixing of this issue. Means to say, we have crossed different hierarchical steps of human evolution so sophisticatedly and delicately, and because of that, well-disciplined, systematic progress, now we are evolved modern human beings, who have solution of almost every impossible. Yet we also have issues of modern time as well, but these issues or impediments are not similar to the issues of old times.

Moreover, when we look into the landscape of philosophy, it also has impacted human beings to its fullest and continuing some till this time. Actually, philosophy is a subject which is the basis of idea. It has given birth to every knowledge, system, and construct human brain. Besides this, it’s one of the most important contribution is given birth to rationale mind. It has almost equally solved human problems just like science. What’s more, it is a subject which only few people know and take into consideration, because it is complex form of study, it has no compact answer of anything, rather in every answer it behaves differently and each time it comes up to human mind with new sort of confusion. 

Likewise, history is also a sort of big confusion, because of its different versions written by different writers. Some have written down some story in some way and some have written down totally apposite to what is being explained by the previous one. For instance, on the partition of sub-continent, on one hand, some writers have jotted down that the British presence in sub-continent has found or proved a great benefit for the region because today they are speaking English language and are benefiting from the international literature. On the other hand, some writers have written down British has come to India to plundered its resource. Henceforth, history is also emerging complex subject and its literature is highly scattered.

In a nutshell, although literature is expanding a lot, and becoming complex every day, yet we can pile it up systematically, whether it is related to science or related to social science. We need to cut down literature to small portions, and need to explain every portions precisely so that every individual could understand it vividly without feeling obsession about minute things. Moreover, this way, we can also save a lot of time of our students too.

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