Chitral police arrests hired gunman, three other suspects, in ‘honor’ related triple murder case

CHITRAL: Chitral Police on Saturday announced that they have arrested a hired killer, and three of his accomplices, in the brutal murder of a young man, his wife and their unborn child. The accused, a resident of Dir, was promised 1.5 million rupees for the heinous murder.

Sharing details during a press conference, DPO Waseem Riaz Khan said that Waqar Ahmad, a resident of Garam Chashma (Chitral) had married Taslima, a resident of Dir (Kohistan) against the wishes of the girl’s parents.

Angered by the eloping of their daughter, Taslima’s parents hired a gunman and paid him 3 lac rupees to murder Waqar and Taslima, in the name of honor.

The DPO said that the hired gunman, identified as Attaur Rahman, moved to Garam Chashma as part of a conspiracy and started living near the couple’s house. He reportedly befriended his future targets and got details about their routines.

Last week, On October 28, the hired gunman shot Waqar and Taslima, while the two were returning after a medical check up in Chitral town. Taslima was 8-months pregnant, said the region’s top cop.

Bodies of the couple were dumped in separate locations to mislead investigation.

Chitral police formed a special investigation team to probe the murders. Within a week, the team was able to apprehend Atta ur Rahman (the hired killer), and three other accused, including Khursheed Ali, Hamza and Muhammad Hajjaj. The DPO added that the accused had confessed their crime.

Police has reportedly also recovered 200,000 rupees from the accused murderer, along with a gun and a car used during the homicide. The four suspects, faces covered, were paraded in front of the media during the press conference.

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