KIU considering introduction of ‘modesty’ dress code

GILGIT: The Karakoram International University is considering imposition of a new dress code for male and female students, focused on promotion of “Haya”, or modesty.

According to a draft document, on which a decision is yet to be taken, making the rounds on social media, students violating the proposed dress code will face punitive actions.

The proposed dress code bans ‘shorts of any kind’, as well as ‘loose neck’ and ‘see-through’ and ‘skin-tight’ dresses. “Low hanging pants”, shirts with ‘big pictures on front and back’ as well as a sunglasses and p-caps will also not be allowed inside classrooms.

Female students will be required to wear at least ‘knee-length shirts.’ Girls who choose to keep their hair open will not be allowed on campus, according to the proposed code.

Violators of the proposed code will be punished ‘progressively’, starting with verbal warning, escalated to fines (Rs.1000). Repeat “offenders” may end up getting terminated from the university, if so decided by a “Disciplinary Committee”.

Netizens have divded views on the proposed dress codes. Some are hailing it as compliance with “religious and cultural norms”, while others are calling it a sign of regression, and a distraction from the university’s main goal of educating the masses.

KIU officials have said that contrary to some social media reports, the proposed dress code is under discussion and it has not been approved yet.

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