“Apex Committee” promises swift justice after violence takes two lives in Gilgit

GILGIT: Chief Minister Khalid Khurheed called a meeting of the “Apex Committee” to discuss the law and orders situation after sudden violence took two lives, leaving at least three more people injured.

Law Enforcement officials told the Apex Committee that a “scuffle in Yadgar Chowk area turned violent leading to exchange of fire”, causing two deaths and three injuries. A communique shared with the media about the Apex Committee’s meeting did not contain more details about the violent incident. Details about the injured and deceased have also not been confirmed officially.

According to social media reports, two groups opened fire on each other. The firing, footages of which were shared live on social media, continued for some time before the law enforcement agencies, including Police and Rangers were able to control the situation.

Deputy Commissioner of Gilgit told media at Yadgar Chowk that the situation is under control and contingents of various forces have been deployed in different parts of the city to maintain law and order. He urged people to not pay heed to the “rumors” being shared on social media.

It was decided during the Apex Committee meeting that the ‘miscreants’ involved in the incident will be apprehended immediately and tried in accordance with law.

It was also decided that those spreading fake news on social media will be arrested.

The meeting was attended among other by GB Chief Minister, Commander FCNA, Chief Secretary, and IG Police. Officials of intelligence agencies were also present.

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