Hunza Festival coming to Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: (PR) Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) is organizing “Hunza Festival” on 4th & 5th March 2023 at Liaquat Gymnasium, Jinnah Sports Complex, Islamabad. The event offers a unique opportunity to the members of Hunza Community, where they can interact socially and professionally, practice and promote heritage and culture, share concepts and ideas and network. The event engages the younger generation in the cultural practices with a particular emphasis on music, dance, cultural attire, language and vanishing folklores. It provides an opportunity for the young and the aged to build acquaintances and hence contributing to the social cohesion, with an ultimate target of cultural preservation and promotion.
This year’s event will focus on engagement of youth and emerging entrepreneurs on sustaining cultural heritage in architecture, food and music while promoting tourism in Hunza. Appreciation and awards distribution to High Achievers in Education, Innovation & Creativity, Arts & Culture, Sports & Fitness, Socio Economic Contribution and Entrepreneurship is integral part of this event.

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