Falak Noor Abduction Case: A Litmus Test for Gilgit-Baltistan Police

By Arshad Iqbal

The alleged abduction of 13-year-old Falak Noor from Sultanabad, Gilgit, gained attention when her father approached the media 50 days after filing an FIR for her disappearance. He accused police officials of bribery and protecting the culprits, reminiscent of the Dua Zehra case, raising integrity concerns about the Gilgit-Baltistan Police.

Reportedly missing since January 20, 2024, from Sultanabad, Gilgit, the 13-year-old girl prompted her father, Sakhi Ahmed Jan, a laborer, to file FIR No. 10/24 under Sections 364-A PPC at Police Station Danyore, Gilgit.

Once her father involved the local media, demanding a change in the police team handling the case, alleging bribery and collusion with the culprits, the police denied the accusations and defended their actions.

A social media video surfaced where Falak claimed she was happy and had married Fareed Alam willingly. However, discrepancies in her age emerged from a Nikah Nama stating she was 16 by preparing a medical certificate from a local clinic in Mansehra indicating she was 16. Fareed obtained interim bail from the Abbottabad bench of the Peshawar High Court until April 6, 2024.

Despite Falak’s statements, her father refuted them, presenting NADRA records confirming her age as 13 and demanding her appearance in court to decide based on evidence, alleging bribery attempts by the culprits.

Support from the legal fraternity and civil society, along with planned protests in major cities, indicates growing pressure on the Gilgit-Baltistan Police to handle the case transparently and in accordance with the law.

This case is viewed as a critical test for police performance and will set a precedent for future cases.

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