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Zarabad an Alluvial fan

zarabad-alluvial-fan by Ali Rehmat Musofer Alluvial fans are fan-shaped deposits of water-transported material (alluvium). They typically form at the base of topographic features where there is a marked break in slope. Consequently, alluvial fans tend to be coarse-grained, especially at their mouths. At their edges, however, they can be relatively...

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Ghizar Valley – The hidden paradise

Compiled by Asghar Khan Ghizer, the name for the western end of the Gilgit valley above Gakuch, is a new political district administered from Gakuch. The road continues west from Gakuch, through Gupis and along the Ghizer River for about 100 kilometers to the Shandur Pass, then enters...

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Pictory VII: Accidents on the KKH

Traveling on the roads of Gilgit – Baltistan might be an act of adventure for some people, it is not for everyone; tens of people lose their lives, hundreds are injured and thousands traumatized by small and large accidents, every now and then. The picture above was taken by Zulfiqar...

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The state of our glaciers

By Kenneth Hewitt PAKISTAN has a greater dependence on water from glaciers than any other country in Asia, possibly the world. The good news is that, contrary to common belief, its glaciers are not ‘disappearing’. The bad news is that glaciers and climate are changing, with major implications for water...

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