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The Aga Khan III’s Letter to “Times of London”

In response to an article published by the Times of London, in 1951, the 48th Imam of the Ismaili Muslims had written an explainatory reaction. The text below has been shared by Engineer Baig Ali. ____________________________________________________________________________  “In your leading article of October 22, 1951, you have stated that ‘in the Muslim countries the violent reaction against the...

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Archaeological heritage damaged near Chilas

Careless Electoral Campaigning? Theocratically inspired “revenge” or…….. what? An important Tourist Site damaged. SOURCE

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Karachi-educated scholar named US envoy to OIC

Monitoring Desk WASHINGTON, Feb 27: US President George W. Bush, seeking to improve America’s image in the Muslim world, on Wednesday appointed the first US envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Conference. Sada Cumber, an Ismaili Muslim, is a Texas entrepreneur and two-term president of the Aga Khan Council for...

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Political dilema of Gilgit-Baltistan

Noor While most Pakistanis rejoiced on the streets having chosen  leaders of their choice a considerable number of people in Gilgit-Baltistan also wishfully joined in.  The PPPP organized a rally in Gilgit City to celebrate success of its party candidates in rest of Pakistan. Similar rallies were also organized in...

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Ustod Tazagul Sazgar Joins our efforts from Qazideh, Wakhan

Dear Readers We are proud to present the first, and fresh, contribution by Ustod Tazagul Sazgar of Wakhan, Afghanistan. Ustod Sazgar has scribed the recently published poem by Naizr Ahmed Bulbul, titled “Shupunem tou, Shupunem tey” in a very beautiful style, using Arabic alphabets. Click on the thumbnail below to see this wonderful,...

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