Women are slaves of slaves

Women are slaves of slaves

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By: Naveen Muhammad Shah

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will”.  Charlotte Bronte, Jan Eyre

 A woman must stand up for justice for all. Women have the ability to perform with equal skill and success in virtually every endeavor engaged in by men, Including employment ,Athletics, Academics and Politics but in some of the societies like Pakistan, women are the slaves of slaves.

I want to expose male dominated culture of our society who believes on ideology of Islam but still refuses to give the women rights which are directed by Islam. Women has right to choose a person whom she wants to marry. How many times I have seen forced marriages in our society and I salute to women who still any how manage to live her life.

Our society is simply perfect spot to exploit or abuse the ladies emotionally, physically or forcefully. When she is in her Parents’ home she is bound to acknowledge whatever is tossed towards her by her family, in fact it is considered to be her purpose of life to accept her family’s orders even if they are illogical and unjust. She moves under supervision of her new master when she gets wed and his orders get to be script of her existence without having a right of communicating her opinion because her opinions are not considered worthy enough to listen.

Once I heard a story, in 2001 a militant group called Lashkar-e-Jabar demanded that Muslim women in Kashmir wear burqas, head to toe garments that cover their cloths, or risk being attacked. I am feeling disgrace to say that men threw acid in the faces of two women for not covering up in public. Is this an Islamic teaching?? Who are the men to decide either force women to wear hijab or to deny them the right to do so??It should be entirely up to women whether or not they want to wear hijab.

Men can do for all intents and purposes everything even the ones which are not worthy in our overall public but instead on other hand women are even not allowed to tune in decisions which incorporates predetermination of their lives. Ladies are not permitted to work in men commanded environment because the families fears that their daughters or sisters may get Casualty of harassing and to some extent their apprehensions are justified. Men do take advantage of the powers blessed to them by nature. I have seen many cases in our society that girls do get black mailed or forced to do undesired things.

We should speak up and break the culture of silence. The fact that women are somehow responsible for their own downfall for not taking any action. This is because a women raising her voice is not considered feminine, and so our own society will hunt her down if she do so. During a time when ladies are going on space missions, flying military aircraft, performing life-sparing surgeries, and ruling countries, we can’t keep lecturing about lady being made as a subordinate from man’s rib and along these lines being modified to be more enthusiastic and rationally delicate. We must let these myths lapse. “A successful women is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her”.  

  The contributor is a student at the Quaid-e-Azamn University, Islamabad. 

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