Salgirah Mubarak in Gulmit

The Ismailies all over the Northern Areas celebrated the 71th Salgirah of Moulana Hazir Imam with religious zeal. Due to extreme weather conditions only indoor events and programmes were arranged. Below are some pictures taken during Salgirah Mubarak in Gulmit. (Contributor: asghar Khan)

Chiraghan in Gulmit Jamat KhanaChiraghanpc1300371.jpgWomen Volunteer Corps,Gulmitpc1300371.jpgpc130044.jpgpc130063.jpg

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  1. he has sacrificed his life for the beeterment of the human race. he has comited his life to established a peaceful & beeter world where every human can live a peace ful life

  2. hello friends yam,

    this is gul saying u ,u all my ismaili brotthers and sister many many wishes of salgira coming on 11th july 2009.

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