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Utility Store opened in Gulmit

The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan, a public organization,  has opened its first utiltiy store in Gulmit Gojal, Hunza.

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Seasoal Bridge Constructed in Hussaini Gojal

By Ali Bahadur Hussaini community constructed a seasonal bridge (Deryoyee Skord) on Khunzhrav river on 17th November 2007. This bridge is constructed every year in winter when water level recedes in Khunzhrav River. The bridge is used for movements of cattle. During the winters cattle are taken to another seasonally inhabited village called “Zarabad”. The cattles...

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Party for Wakhani Delegation in Islamabad

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan  A party was orgainized by Wakhi residents of Islamaad in honor of the Wakhani delegation. The Afghan delagation comprised of people from different villages of Wakhan Corrridor. Mehboob Aziz from Gulmit, working in Afghanistan, headed the delegation. The delegation is on the way back to Afghanistan having traveled the northern areas...

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FOCUS Humanitarian Assisstance during Independence Day Celebrations of Gilgit – Baltistan

Female volunteer workers of Focus Humanitarian Assisstance,  along with their male colleagues, performed  mock rescue exercises in City Park Gilgit. They were participating in the events organized by Force Command Northern Areas , in connection with Independence Day Celebrations of Gilgit – Baltistan, aka. Northern Areas of Pakistan.

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