Party for Wakhani Delegation in Islamabad

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan 

A party was orgainized by Wakhi residents of Islamaad in honor of the Wakhani delegation. The Afghan delagation comprised of people from different villages of Wakhan Corrridor. Mehboob Aziz from Gulmit, working in Afghanistan, headed the delegation. The delegation is on the way back to Afghanistan having traveled the northern areas of Pakistan for more than a week.

AKF had organised their visit in order to expose the Afghan Wakhis to development in Northern Areas, especially in Hunza valley. This is also aimed to increase the interaction between the Wakhis living in isolated valleys around pamir region. The delegates were very happy for the educational and professional development of wakhis of Gojal. They resolved to shape thier future on similar lines.
Mr. Gul Baig, Baig Ali, Darjat, among others, were present in the party and expressed their hopes for more of such interaction in the future.

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  1. A party for wakahni in islamabad was arranged by fayyaz ahmad dewan personaly in his home and every wakahni from gojal have attended this party the party was fully arrange by the HR his company and fully dinner was arranged by him for all thank

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