Merits and Demerits of Cellular Services

 By Kaleem Beg Hunzai

Certainly we are living in a world of wonders. As evident, the radical changes in our lives due to advances in science and technology have made possible what was being considered “impossible.

In the past few decades science has invented so many remarkable things, from micro-chips to the mighty jets. But at the present time, Cellular phone is much more common and operational invention with approximate 6 billion users (91% of the world population).

download (1)With their enormous applications cell phones have squeezed the globe and brought it into the hands of man. “Merits and its demerits” the topic is attached with the tool since its birth and is animatedly debated everywhere. A mobile phone is basically a tool for communication but its uses are raised with time. Beside form instant access mobile phones provide us multipurpose functions e.g. educational, business, games, news etc. In contrast its disadvantages lie between many dimensions such as social, legal, cultural, economical etc. For example a cell can be use to initiate violence, it is waste of many; it keeps youth away from study and sports leading to health and educational problems.

The instant access feature of mobile phone makes it the most exclusive device of communication. In the resent times new technologies have been added into them like Cloud, Android, Quad Core processors etc, which have made them more eye-catching. Now a day using a cell phone people cannot only call their loved ones but can see each other through video, they can send text and multimedia messages. With the same little phone they can connect themselves to the world through internet and social media; they even can make their own free blogs, can buy and sell thing online and many more functions just in one small phone.

Mobile phones have lessen the pressure of businesses by providing many useful application, such as Mobile Banking system, they are powered with Microsoft office system, editing applications, marketing application have made marketing so much easy. Furthermore conferences with business partners and most importantly business persons stay always updated with their business transactions. Likewise students take benefits by using free dictionaries, encyclopedias, pronunciation tools etc.

Even illiterate house wives use cell phones to know the latest recipes, fashions and their health care homemade methods. Many people use it as a radio system other as camera in making pictures and movies of their memorable events.

Even the sweet things like sugar is harsh for health if misused, a cell phone is a machine which attributes many advantages and disadvantages. It is useful if properly utilized and harmful if misused; now option is all yours because it follows your command.

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