Snow leopord killed Cattles in Odver, Gulmit

lightmatter_snowleopard.jpgSnow leopard has killed about 10 domestic cattle in Odver Gulmit. According to reports a snow leopard has entered some cattle sheds during night time and killed cattles.

Snow leopards are powerful, agile animals capable of making huge leaps to cross ravines or clear other obstacles. Snow leopards live high up in the cold, rocky mountains but some times moves to the settlement to shortage of food.

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  1. This incidents are happening time to time in Gojal Tehsil, But the govt and wildlife department has to compansate for the killing of cattle.So many NGOs are working in Gojal for the purpose of conservation of Nature and wild animal.this is my Opinion that these NGOs has to pay.

  2. Agreed with Marteli.

    In the ecosystem, the snowleopard, as the flagship cat feeds on the ibex, the ibex needs vegetation to survive. On the one hand our livestock population encroach on the limited vegetation, hence degrading our pastures, and on the other illegal poaching and hunting by our so-called young ‘ paluwans’ and officials reduces the ibex population and limits the food source for snowleopard. There is no option left for these cats ,but to come down to villages and attack livestock.

    The Gulmit communities need to learn lessons from Ghulkin, Khyber and KVO and actively engage in conservation.

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