International Conference on Partnership/Network for Promotion of Research and Knowledge in the Northern Areas


By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Karakoram International University is going to organise an International Conference on Partnership and Network for Promotion of Research and Knowledge in the Northern areas of Pakistan, from April 7-9, 2008.

A large number of people engaged in the Northern Areas of Pakistan in research, exploration, development and socio-culture services have been invited to attend the conference. The main objective of the conference is to promote a partnership/network in ongoing research activities and explore how best to harness KIU’s potential in this partnership.

Dr. Aziz Ali Najam, the Vice Chancellor of KIU, is now days on a visit of Italy, Berlin, Paris and London to invite relevant scholars in the conference and to develop new partnerships with different universities. Speaking at a seminar in Freie University Berlin, the vice chancellor said that he was trying to attract more and more foreign qualified teaching staffs to KIU. Besides many other researchers, Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann will also attend the conference. Dr. Hermann has a large number of research works on different aspects of Northern Areas of Pakistan and Central Asia.

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