Stay Order obtained against elections at Sost Port

Our Correpondent:  According to latest reports the elections at silk route dry port sost have been delayed because of a stay order obtained by the Chief Executive of Northern Areas, who is also Chairman of the Port Trust.

The elections, according to the port laws, were to be held during the first week of November. Uncertainity prevails in the region because of the current situation.

Since its inception elections for the board of director have never been held at this unique trade establishment of Gilgit – Baltistan. Saleem Khan, son of the chief executive, serves as vice chairman of the port trust while his mother is also a member of the board of directors.

Initially funds for establishing the port were obtained by selling shares to the public. Dividends, whatsoever, have never been paid to the share holders and land owners of the port.

Public circles have called this is a proof of the high handedness of the  cheif executive and his family.

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