Qudrat Ali, mountaineer, affected by frostbite at Broad Peak

“On February 16th, 2009 in Camp 3, altitude 7000 m, Pakistani climber

Qudrat Ali
Qudrat Ali

Quadrat Ali suffered frostbite on 5 fingers (3 fingers on his left hand and 2 fingers on the right hand) while setting up a tent in severe weather conditions.

One finger shows 2nd degree frostbite, while 4 fingers suffer from 1st degree frostbite.”

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  1. Salaam uncle,

    I got shocking news that you suffering on your mission to broad peak hope to get well soon, I am proud of you,
    take care


  2. May God cure you Qudrar………………… and get well soon. You are an assest to Hunza-Gojal and source of inspiration for the youngsters……………..

  3. it is realy a shocking news for all of us but i pray that you soon revover from this demage and once again come to your adventurous life.

  4. We all are praying for Qudrat Bhai to get well soon, its really a challenge to attempt winter expedition in such a severe weather condition. He is a great and well known young climber in the region, and has passion for this sport. God bless him with good health and safe return from Broad Peak.

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  5. Dear Qudrat,

    I am shocked to know about the frost bite at your fingers while attempting to scale Broad Peak at Skardu. Being a mountaineer, I realise that it is a tough job to climb any snowy high mountain during winter in such severe bad weather condition. You are a couragous man with high expertise in mountaineering. Don’t be worried about what hapend with you. It is part of mountaineering. I am sure you would recover soon. We all pray for your good health and soon recovery from frost bite. We are proud of your achievments, technical know how and strong will power. May Mowla, bless you with a happy, healthy and long life. Aamin!

    With best regards,

    Hasil Shah and Shujaat Ali
    Islamabad, Pakistan

  6. Dear Uncle,

    i am praying for you every time. and i know how importent is this mission for you and uncle Shaheen. you are trying since 2005 for this winter expidetion. i still remember the 2006 December in Cancordia waiting for the mission to complete.
    i am shocked with this news, and i praying for your safe return.

    Mulla will help you

    Javed Aly

  7. Mountaineering is one of the risky sports indeed. There are few name in this game from Pakistan and Qudrat is one of them.
    May Allah bless you in recovering from the frost bite and assist you to climb the highest peaks of the world.


  8. Qudrat Ali Bahi , We are praying for you toget well as soon , and you all climbers who belong from north must become in an orgniziation , which will proved you peoples , well equpments , and education about mountering.

  9. Qudraat bhai is one of the young agile mountaineer and possesor of ironic will power,he has been in the field for last 15years, his inspirational mountaineering record and achievements are undeniable.
    His march to thr summits of four out of five 8000m in pakistan and one in Nepal is a remarkable achievement,his first pakistani Expedition to massive K2 in 2005 is one of the myth breaking try in pakistan history, he has been extra ordinary technical Mountaineer,for this reason he always been called even in Winter expeditions,since his skills are success promising. i am proud as well as worried, but i have staunch faith ,you will recover to his actual shape to shape history again, you are a worthy asset as mountaineer of pakistan,
    i Pray for your quick recover and safe return to home .
    May moula Bless you again with Good health

  10. A very shocking news for all of us, we pray for Qudrat bahi quick recovery, May Maula bless you good health. Ameen.

    Ali Rehmat

  11. Yes this is part of the life of gr8 mountaineers, they know this is risky, but they love to conquer and scale up new heights again and again, no matter what it might take.

    However for family, friends and fans, the life and health of the mountaineer is as valuable as the joy and pride of summiting.

    Qudrat ! Get well soon! You can do it again, with or without forstbites!

    Amin Beg

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