Ustod Tazagul Sazgar Joins our efforts from Qazideh, Wakhan

Dear Readers

We are proud to present the first, and fresh, contribution by Ustod Tazagul Sazgar of Wakhan, Afghanistan. Ustod Sazgar has scribed the recently published poem by Naizr Ahmed Bulbul, titled “Shupunem tou, Shupunem tey” in a very beautiful style, using Arabic alphabets. Click on the thumbnail below to see this wonderful, handwritten, work by Ustod Sazgar.

We are thankful to Ustod Sazgar for his contribution and to Mehboob Aziz for dispatching this work in a very short period of time.

Nazir’s Poem in Arabic script

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  1. Dear readers,

    What an amazing and diversified back ground we have.I am really proud of being a Wakhi language speaker,and part of such a pluralistic community. People from the various parts of the globe speaking, and trying to preserve, their language despite the fact that their overall population is negligible compared to other mountain languages. These efforts are really cherishable and an honour for all of us.

    I can never ever deny the contributions of Nazir Ahmed Bulbul who is a blessing for the Wakhi community of the globe. His creativity is superb and uncomparable. He stands at, where we might see someone with such ultra capabilities, not till a ver long time.

    Ustod Sozgor is also one of the important assets of Wakhi community and i personally know him and his capabilities in poetry,wakhi language and Quran studies.

    Mehboob bhai well done!You are really a great man who has contributed alot in minimizing the gaps between the Wakhis living in Wakhan and their lingual bretherns living in Gojal, and imparting your services and efforts to bring us closer.I think that your contributions are not only at the local or country level but global in their impact.

  2. These are exciting times. Thanks to the revolution in communication technology we are, now, able to transcend the limits of time and space. This revolution has been going on for some time. We might be the new entrants to this digital, virrtually-linked, world but we are not the first.

    Majority of the people living in Gojal, no doubt, are Wakhi speaking but we, the Wakhis, should also be very eager to establish and strengthen bridges and links with the Burushaski and Shina speaking communities of Hunza-Nagar.

    When I say this I invite the younger generations of Gojal (because I know the elders already know these languages) to learn languages like Burushaski, Shina and, above them, Domaki.

    I am sure Ustod Sozgor, despite of being a Wakhi will speak Persian and maybe Darri, as well.

    The true dream of establishing a knowledge society, one that merits knowledge, above all attributes, has to start from the home. I would urge the representatives, members, of Burushaski Research Academy and the Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association to deliberate possibilities and integrate some of their functions and materialize this dream of growing together, hand in hand.

    Chief Editor

  3. Apart from what I have mentioned above,I would like to add here a very important thing about the editor as well.
    I have spent around five years with Noor Muhammad living in the same hostel and studying in the same college.I tried to explore him and ultimately found him to be a man having exceptional nerves and fully determined and committed towards his duties.
    The indication of this fact is the ongoing work that he has embarked on and the plateform he has developed for all the members of the society who are scattered all around the world from america,europe to wakhan.It is indeed a true recognition of his capabilities and leadership qualities which would soon let him fly if he is consistent likewise.
    Hope for the best for the future of our community

  4. i want to pay very special thanks to respected sir Sazgar for his wonderful work, we need such legends who can further enhance the wakhi language and i want the wakhi culture association to encourage their talents morally and financially. once again i want to draw the attention of the WTCA towards the improvent and betterment of our language. all wakhi speakers should try thier level best in this regard

  5. Dear Nazir,

    It is amazing to observe the continuation of your poetry. We are all thankful to you for your contribution because you enable us to remain in touch with our culture, respect and represent our culture in diversified communities.
    When I heard from Mehboob about your tremendous contribution, I was so excited but I was busy with a series of trainings so could not comment. Anyhow, please accept my heartiest congratulations and please, keep it up in future so we could hear your songs soon because it has been a long time we have not heard a new one.

    Dear All,
    It is interesting that Ustad Sozgor is sitting beside me; I showed and read your comments to him because he is one of our team members in education program. So he is very happy about your grateful comments and thanks to each one of you for your complements. Moreover, he prays for your success and good health (Aamin).

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